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User Info: Ireland_FTW

5 years ago#1
Hi everybody,

I don't do that much pvp, I try it every now and then. But I've been trying a bit more and more lately on my pyro build.

Anyway, here are my stats:
SL - 65 (pyromancer originally)(sun covenant so I get the cool animation)
V - 28
A - 16
E - 31
S - 22
D - 21
The rest are base

My equipment is -

Rh - Claymore +13, Ascended Flame +5
Lh - Silver Knight Shield +3
Pyro head/body, Knight legs/gauntlets
Havel's Ring, Ring of Steel Protection

I usually have chaos fireball, greater combustion and fire surge equipped for my pyros.

Anyway, usually when I go to fight other people (it's in the forest and I just lay my sign on the ground then get summoned as a white phantom), I'll end up really weak or dead at the end. I know that a lot of it comes from my lack of skill, but I barely do any damage against the blue guys and they end up doing 60% or so whenever they hit me. It's unreal!

What are some tips for my build to make it better? I don't know what kind of weapon I want to use, claymore is good but kind of slow 1handed. Also, what are some tips to improve at PVP?

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User Info: Cvdf3

5 years ago#2
Your Dex and Str are low for a standard upgrade path.
For a Claymore I would go 27 Str. (max 2 hand scaling) 45 Dex (casting speed for pyros).
Make sure you are fast rolling and have a decent amount of poise (esp. if you are new) 31-35-36-40.
Endurance and Vit. should be around 40 as well but that will cost you some levels; so keep that in mind.
Ring of Favor and Protection would help too.

Also get out of the Forest (esp. as a White Phantom) the Forest Hunters you are fighting can be anywhere from sl1-711. Get around 100 (125 being the average PvP sl; much higher and the Forest will be one of your only options) and try the Burg or Township.
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User Info: Ireland_FTW

5 years ago#3
Should I increase att or would 4 slots be enough?
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User Info: typhone004

5 years ago#4
For a build like this I would usually recommend a iaito or uchigatana, but I'm trying to find a way that makes it so you don't have wasted points in str.

Edit: Would you like to stop at sl 100, 125, or something else? Does your character have good looking hair?

User Info: moodyjm2

5 years ago#5
Look at the Pike Build thread near the top. It has a great Quality Pyro build you should emulate.

Slap some Gold Pine Resin on that baby and you're good to go.
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User Info: typhone004

5 years ago#6
Here's what I have for you so far.

Most people would go 50 vit, but I think having an extra slot is better than having 51 more hp. Use gold pine resins on that claymore and have fun =)

User Info: Ireland_FTW

5 years ago#7
Thanks for the help, everyone.

My character has pretty good looking hair, it's bright red.

What's the difference between level 100 pvp and level 125? Which is more active?

Also, what other weapons would work well with the build?
'I blew really really hard' - Link_AJ
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User Info: typhone004

5 years ago#8
In the arena, people level 51-100 will all be in the same group and will fight with eachother. Because of this, a lot of people stop at level 100 so they are the highest they can be and still fight in that group. 125 was the common level to stop at before the arena, so most people have builds around that level for regular pvp. I have both level 100's and 125's, but I don't do the arena. I've never used any of the weapons that would fit into this class, but I think I heard the zweihander was ok. It's heavier, so you'll need to change some armor if you want to stay below 25% equip load.
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