best dex armor/shield for PVE ?

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User Info: sir_karacho

4 years ago#1
hi everybody
so far i am playing my dex build that started out as a pyro
i am using an uchigatana +10 and the black bow of pharis +10
also at this time i am using my eagly shield and the shadow set, and i am tempted to level the shadow set just because of the style

but what would you say is the best armor and shield for pve? are there armors or shields that have special abilities for dex builds, or should i just equip the stuff with the highest armor that lets me still dodge fast enough?

User Info: final_chance

4 years ago#2
I go for looks more than anything with my armor setups. I guess it should be mentioned that you might want to mix in some medium armor with your light stuff and try to achieve 31 poise. That's the breaking point that will let you absorb an R1 attack from a longsword or katana without getting stunned. Or if you have a free ring slot just throw in the Wolf Ring for 40 poise to take care of that. Then you can come up with your preferred combo of might armor.

For shields, I recommend Balder Shield. It's fairly light so you should be able to maintain <25% weight, and it has like 74 Stability when upgraded IIRC. Farm them from Balder Knights or buy one in Sen's.
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User Info: cucumberking

4 years ago#3
My Dex builds usually rock the Grass Cress Shield, pretty cliche though. If you're relying on multiple hits, something that lets you swing more often is good.

User Info: SSJPabs

4 years ago#4
My standard Dex PvE combo is Iato+Silver Knight Shield/Iron Round Shield
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User Info: Power Turtle

Power Turtle
4 years ago#5
i LOVE black iron for hands and feet. everything else is light weight. the gauntlets and boots give 36 poise, and i use eithe wolf ring for 76 poise, or Havels for fast roll. This is with 40 END and i guess i should mention i always use RoFAP unless im playing as a sorcerer. So, yeah..
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  3. best dex armor/shield for PVE ?

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