Is power within any good?

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User Info: typhone004

5 years ago#1
I have a spare slot to use on my pyro/dex build, and the 40% increase in attack seems like it would help a lot. Is the loss of health fast enough that it becomes a real problem, or is it just something like toxic?

User Info: Da Dood

Da Dood
5 years ago#2
It's very useful IMO. I use it basically against every boss that I can.

HP loss is like 1% per second. Nothing you can't handle with decent flask management. With that kind of damage, the boss will be dead fast anyway.
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User Info: London-SV

5 years ago#3
The loss of health is noticeable but you will only need to heal once or twice, It's best using it for bosses.

User Info: typhone004

5 years ago#4
Ah, forgot to mention this is for pvp. I won't be able to use estus, but 1% a second still seems very manageable. Most pvps don't last very long anyway.

User Info: sooofake

5 years ago#5
it doesn't hurt to try it out, but the two huge factors in pvp are really:

1) how it makes your opponent play.
2) how it makes you play.

personally I don't like the way power within makes ME play. (I lose my cool, lol)
and not to mention it might make your opponent play very annoying (turtling, or god help you they might flip around.. FOREVER)..

which is the same reason I find using buffs like CMW not worth it.

I find good matches without any funny business the best matches, which comes out to about one in a hundred lately.

User Info: caramel_cod

5 years ago#6
PW + TWOP + WOG/Dark Bead/Pursuers is a combo I've seen very often recently. Oneshots nearly anyone, assuming the caster is using Bellowing Dragoncrest/ Sun's Firstborn, Dusk Crown and a decent talisman/catalyst.

User Info: nmbuser

5 years ago#7
Power within is only good if you have a way to stop your opponent from running away. I use it sometimes on my grant build for a 1400 damage WoG explosion
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User Info: Aporia_Mage

5 years ago#8
I don't think I've ever lost to anyone using pw.

It looks good on paper, but all it really does is make your opponent play hyper-evasively. In your turn, you will have to play ultra-aggressively, which usually ends up with you being countered and whittled down, ultimately dying a glorious death due to the HP drain.

I would go with another pyro. If you're boosting via crown or ring, fire surge is decent; otherwise any of the storms, more balls, gc or black flame. If you have all of those you can even use that poison mist thing as a smokescreen for fire tempest.
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User Info: Lives

5 years ago#9
Why don't you try it and find out. It is quite good with Lingering Dragoncrest Ring.

User Info: RyoKaiba

5 years ago#10
I've had opponents who literally made the effort of kiting the entire fight without actually hitting me when I used PW. Of course I usually forced them to counter or managed to land the necessary hits. I've never once gone through an entire match using PW and not getting hit or not hitting the opponent.

PW + Red Tearstone is insane. PW + Red Tearstone + buffs is LETHAL. PW + Red Tearstone + Buffs + Hornet Ring is over-kill... everyone you hit with a critical on that set-up is dead, unless you have crap stats for the weapon you're using.

Alternatively, you could do what Yukaslegion2 does, and use PW + Red Tearstone + Crown of Dusk, and use WoG. Pretty much one-shots gankers.
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