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User Info: jsaint00

5 years ago#61
Big Hat Logan

…Who are you…
…Stay clear…stay clear of my work…
…Curses upon you!
…How dare you disturb me!
Damn it! I have to start writing down my brilliant ideas.

User Info: moodyjm2

5 years ago#62
GT: DragonSoundxSG
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5 years ago#63
Renegade109 posted...
"If thou seeketh I, thine desires shall be requited not. - Priscilla

Also, "You sorry fool… You could not be the Chosen one." I heard that so many times running by Frampt lol.
PSN: WATAUGACJ, DomhnallOfZena

User Info: Tabris02

5 years ago#64
Dirjel posted...
"AaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" - The singing lady in 3-1

I nearly peed myself when I heard that for the first time.

And then again when I heard Oswald of Carim's laugh for the first time. *shutters*
If you're gonna be original, then you can count on being copied.
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User Info: PHoToS999

5 years ago#65
"Bleaaargh..." -Queelag.
Silvy owns my pants...and my soul.
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User Info: D_D_Tink

5 years ago#66
Dirjel posted...
Everything the Maiden in Black says is better than anything anyone says in this game.

"You've got a good heart. Don't let them take it from you." - Stockple Thomas

"AaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" - The singing lady in 3-1

MatrixAndrAIa posted...
"Goodbye Quelaag... do be safe."

Not particularly memorable, but the way she says it breaks my heart. I've belonged to the Chaos Covenant for a long time now and I get to hear it a lot. Never gets old either.

Ooh. I do like that character. She's so.. fragile. It's sad and it makes you feel like a monster for ruthlessly butchering the hawt spider lady. As if I didn't feel bad enough for killing something with such a magnificent rack already.

You mean " you have a heart of gold dont let them take it from you"
"The guns are balanced enough that no single one will make you better. You just have to suck less to be better."- SupahSkull
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