So, Fashion Souls, anyone?

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User Info: Titanite-Demon

4 years ago#1
/puts on stylist voice

Topic, erryone.
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User Info: devilman108

4 years ago#3
I wish there was an online tool that you could use to mix and match armor so you didnt have to acquire every set in the game.
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User Info: Titanite-Demon

4 years ago#4
Actually; most of the stuff in DeS made me look a mite scrawny, the obvious exception being Brushwood.
Armed to the teeth with energy cannons, katanas and assault rifles...

User Info: brumey

4 years ago#5
witch set or logan set is nice for mage

i like elite knight the most!

User Info: lucky_sharm19

4 years ago#6
tln posted...
It's my biggest issue with Dark Souls actually. The armor sets in Demon's Souls looked much better, and I'm struggling to find anything I like using. Most of the strength weapons also look crappy.

The Wanderer set is the best looking set in the game IMO followed by the Elite Knight set. I simply can't find a good looking set for my mage build though (I have tried every single set in the game). I also hate the fact that they even put Crown of Dusk in the game since I feel forced to use it whenever I use pyromancy or magic (it can be the difference between one-shotting the big skeletons in Tomb of the Giants or not).

Black Leather set is pretty nifty, too. Same with the Shadow set.
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User Info: nubs222

4 years ago#8
I KINDA like the cleric set but I dont like the stupid parachute pants that go with it...and finding an alternate lower body piece to go with it is hard. The best replacement I've found was priest pants but they're just not the right shade of brown.
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User Info: HolyGrave

4 years ago#9
No love for the brass set? Paladin?
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