Ashamed by the Dark Souls community

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User Info: shadowsofdawn

5 years ago#31
I assumed that most of these topic were satire of the idiots who think they know enough about the final product to b**** and cry and moan and be all kinds of butthurt.
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User Info: Tmk

5 years ago#32
SSJPabs posted...
I think an example of straight-forwardness is to look at the DLC compared to the main game. Elizabeth tells us right out: Dusk is kidnapped, Abyss is spreading, Artorias is here trying to fight it but it's not looking good. Gough tells us outright that Manus is the father of the Abyss and Elizabeth says he's a primeval human and taken Dusk.

Now think about say Queelag or Ornstein. What do we know about them before we fight them? Nothing! Afterwards we can piece together things from the armor descriptions and what NPCs tell us, But in the DLC the information is directly given to you by NPCs beforehand.

In this case, straightforward could mean that you will have basic information about what's coming up ahead but the details and subtleties are still only there if you look. For example: the DM Knightness says "Gwyn's keep is that way.... but all fall to Knight Captain Ornstein and his lightning." We know of a powerful upcoming foe and his weapon but little else. Then when we run into him we have a more complex reaction than "WTF?!" because we can place them into context a little better before hand.

This is also a very good point. There really is quite a significant difference in how much you're told about what's ahead in the DLC, compared to the normal game.

I do think the lore and story could reveal a bit more to us without losing the charm of mystery and open to interpretation stuff.

Before people worry too much about straight-forwardness being a bad thing, try to think of ways that it could be done that aren't bad - if you can think of any ways that would work, odds are they've thought of them, too, and probably more.
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User Info: DahlVaughnni

5 years ago#33
Oil_Rope_Bombs posted...
From: TheBlueDeath | Posted: 12/11/2012 1:51:46 AM | #003

EDIT: Oh look, one's already here.


You... should probably learn what whoosh means.
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User Info: Holoogamooga_

5 years ago#34
"...the Souls series is renowned for requiring patient and objective analysis of the challenges it presents the player."

This is the issue, TC. We're afraid this won't hold true any more. That's all we're afraid of.

User Info: Razum

5 years ago#35
Eh... Yeah, there is potential things will go south, but nothing they've said so far is a solid indication that we are getting a casual version.

More understandable and straightforward can simple mean a decent tutorial as well as a bit more to the main story thats given by playing the game and not by obscure item descriptions (which would also still be in the game as they are now to give us possible information on other characters/locations/events).

More accessible could just be a dumbed down easy mode where you do more damage to enemies and take less (pvp could also be disabled here and the mode could be called casual mode for all I care).

Honestly, it's 100% possible that this game ends up being as good if not better then the first 2 even with these things being added in.
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User Info: moodyjm2

5 years ago#36
Tr1pLe- posted...
The moonlight knight posted...
Yeah that too. Lot of people see split damage weapons with a higher total attack power, and think "that is damage! Whoa, it's way higher" and don't think that the number is gained by having two separate attack powers, that have to go against two separate defenses.

Plus the damage formula as a whole seems weird. Really weird. I don't even get it. I understood on my own, over time, that like, you need a certain amount of attack power (relative to the enemy's defense) to sorta "overcome" it, and do good damage, so two weaker attack powers split, like with a lightning weapon, will run into problems... I get that, but I don't understand the exact formula. It's not something I can just do in my head. But I can do that with, say, Skyrim's.

With all the trolling that goes on here, its hard for anyone to take this board seriously.

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User Info: TheDarkone21

5 years ago#37
DahlVaughnni posted...
Oil_Rope_Bombs posted...
From: TheBlueDeath | Posted: 12/11/2012 1:51:46 AM | #003

EDIT: Oh look, one's already here.


You... should probably learn what whoosh means.

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User Info: hak145

5 years ago#38
Ryan_SilverFox posted...
sneakysnake posted...
Its better to be cautious than to be naively optimistic.

I think it's better to wait and see, than guess and whine. I'm sure you've heard the saying: "To assume is to make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'."

The game's not going to be out for quite a while (plenty of time to work things out) and people are already hating on things. Me, I'm interested to see what the next game will be like. The whole "cautious" approach can wait until closer to release. By then, more information will likely have come out and I'll decide whether or not to pre-order, simply get the game on release or wait a little bit to see the general reaction of the game after people have had some time with it.

Until then, I find it's much better to just play what I have now and not dwell on what isn't going to be here in the immediate future. Y'know... take things from a patient, mature position.

Perhaps the "haters" here should consider doing the same.

so your basically agreeing with didnt need to type a whole paragraph about it.
also its easily understandable why people are paranoid. This is a unique series and they dont want it to change too much. Star Wars would be a prime analogy to look at.
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User Info: Moose_Of_Woe

5 years ago#39
Spade59 posted...
Neo_Heartless posted...
I admire your resolve, but I've been burned too many times by developers wanting to "appeal to a wider audience".

I'll be watching this with caution.

Pretty much this.

Just have a look at Resident Evil.


User Info: DLOArceus

5 years ago#40
MestreRothGF posted...
Clink posted...
I am a massive Dark (and Demon's) Souls fan, and I am extremely excited for the announcement of Dark Souls 2. I'm disgusted by the hugely negative back-lash that the wider Souls community has aimed at FromSoftware.

If you look at the objective facts, all we have regarding Dark Souls 2 is a CGI trailer, a new director, and a few PR snippets from From which should always be taken with a grain of salt.

The lack of general community comprehension regarding this title is astounding, which I find ironic given the Souls series is renowned for requiring patient and objective analysis of the challenges it presents the player.

No. We've got multiple quotes stating that they are aing to become Skyrim, more casual, mainstream and obvious. Funny thing you hid these facts.

Souls series is not over. As much as Castlevania and RE are not too.

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