Which game has deeper lore: This or Skyrim?

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User Info: d3dsight

4 years ago#191
Silent_Alarm posted...
Number4Rocket posted...
Silent_Alarm posted...

Congratulations on trying to cover up the fact you can't answer some of the questions by saying anyone that can't answer them is somehow devoid of intelligence and by generally being an ass, you're really coming across well.

That rebuttal was so convincing. It had SO much content to it.


Cover what up? The parts I quoted specifically were all answered. Can't you read? I already know you can't use simple deduction.

Because you're totally wrong. Sen was a dragon. Sen's fortress wasn't built by a person called Sen at all, it was built by followers of his (the lizard creatures you fight there during the game) long before the age of fire, when dragons ruled the world. Although not the most powerful dragon, Sen was one of the dragons most revered by the world, so Gwyn knew that in order to legitimise his rule over Lordran, he needed to make an example of Sen and publicly destroy him during the war, which he did. In order to underline his supremacy over the dragons, he imprisoned the followers of Sen in the fortress that bears his name, and therefore everybody that travelled to Anor Londo would see what happened to even the most powerful of creatures that incurred Gwyn's wrath. However, when Gwyn left Anor Londo to link the fire, control over Sen's Fortress was lost to the followers of Sen; they closed the gate and activated the defences of the fortress to lay siege to Anor Londo, the final retribution for their fallen idol. However, the Golem's remained loyal to Gwyn, and upon hearing the ringing of the bells, broke free of their shackles and opened the gate to welcome their master home and end their servitude.

There's nothing like an Internet butthead getting straight TOLD :)

Protip: if you aren't a condescending butt, you will never find yourself in this position.

Here's some more sagely advice that every first grader knows: Gods who would have architects design a fortress for them would not put the architect's name on the fortress. You're dumber than a first grader!

User Info: meralonne

4 years ago#192
I am impress, Oil.

"Sigs are for dorks."-- my wife

User Info: Silent_Alarm

4 years ago#193
All this topic needs now is for Dark Souls to come back and take the lead off of Skyrim.
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