Will From Software eventually sell out for max profits?

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User Info: SonyNintendoFan

4 years ago#1
All well loved franchises seem to selling out lately to casuals and for mass appeal, destroying the fanbase that made them popular in the first place.

Do you think From will eventually,

- Introduce difficulty modes?
- Dumb down core gameplay?
- Introduce a save system that allows you to go back and redeem a mistake?

Or do you still hope they will maintain their uniqueness?

User Info: theSMF

4 years ago#2
The money is in the casuals. The games on the top of the charts these days prove that. If they want a bigger profit, they will take the casual route. If they CARE about their fanbase, they won't. It's as simple as that.

User Info: extremejon

4 years ago#3


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User Info: doraemonllh1989

4 years ago#4
I think they will try to lure in casual gamers,but in the same time remain the core gameplay and features for us fans
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User Info: Yuutsu

4 years ago#5
I hope they sell out. People don't realize that they actually don't like nice things.

User Info: TILlegion777

4 years ago#6
I'm going to guess they are going to eventually "dumb down the game". In fact, they've said they already are with Dark Souls II. But not in those ways. They seem intelligent enough to realize that, with the exception of MAYBE difficulties, they'd lose their core fans if they did that kind of change.

Difficulty is an old debate I wont rehash. Changing the core mechanics is only even maybe possible if it becomes a hug, decade spanning series. At which point then they should, the same game released over and over and over is the same game, no matter how well done. Save states? Well... that's a part of the gameplay. If you were allowed to just reload whenever, goodbye bonfires/archstones as anything but "towns" essentially. You'd lose the whole going back to reclaim your souls, and anything else attached to death currently. Which probably is more important the core gameplay really.

Let's be honest, most (not all, but most) people bought this game for the challenge. While the game is fun, and some (like I) would argue the story is nice, if it were an easy game it would have died eons ago. Actually, it never would have lived, stillborn if you will.
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User Info: TheCManator

4 years ago#7
It depends more on the publishers tbh. If you see EA funding a souls game, RUN!
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User Info: Fa-Qiu

4 years ago#8
They won't. Namco Bandai will do that for them.
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User Info: Cvdf3

4 years ago#9
People need to quit acting like playing Dark Souls makes you hardcore. There are plenty "casuals" playing Souls already

extremejon posted...



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User Info: AfroPrime

4 years ago#10
I swear I've never seen the word "casual" thrown around more often than on these boards. Why is the community for this game extra rabid?
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