Will From Software eventually sell out for max profits?

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User Info: Kyuubi4269

4 years ago#21
If the Souls franchise stayed the same for the next three decades, I doubt we'd complain, look how well CoD's done that? As long as each game had a slightly different balance for combat shaking up what's the 'best' builds, we'd likely love it anyway, same game, new challenge.
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User Info: egpNoodlez

4 years ago#22
They might, they said the next game would be more accessible, and no one knows whether that means clearer or just plain easier.

God I hope not easier, I know some of my friends had problems with this because they couldn't stop hitting R1 like the absolute gamer they are (we're talking about someone who spams Stinger in a DMC game). I'd like a game that still stops a player because they should attempt to learn how to play rather than "well you guys can spin us money, here now you can go silly on this game" =_=

Difficulty levels I don't think will be in purely because of online. Unless they dramatically change offline mode.

User Info: d3dsight

4 years ago#23
I buy one or two video games a year, because video games are awful.

So I hereby volunteer to pay $500 for Dark Souls 2 if you don't ruin it. :)

User Info: vgfanboy

4 years ago#24
I hope they go casual. Then all the hardcore Dark Souls players will have to find a new way to prove they're bad ass to their girlfriends... Oh.

User Info: OE_Exorcet

4 years ago#25
egpNoodlez posted...
Difficulty levels I don't think will be in purely because of online. Unless they dramatically change offline mode.

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User Info: wyvernhbaby

4 years ago#26
I want if you die twice you go mad mad. Your form will be "alive" "undead hollow" "mad hollow". At which point your permanently dead or permanently auto invade :)

Let's make it more nasty.

User Info: Lsnake

4 years ago#27
I don't think they'll screw up this franchise. What I do think they'll be doing, and quite smartly, is to make a couple of things more understandable and approachable in the right way. From their comments on making things like covenants (if stuff like that will make it into the game) more accessible in how the general mechanics works, but not making it any easier to obtain or succeed in doing anything.

The challenge in my opinion shouldn't be where, when or how to do it, but to DO it. If you know that you're walking through the fog to face Ornstein yet again despite having failed the last ten times, you know how to do it, you just can't quite master it yet. That's great difficulty.

If you can't find the gate, or it's not open because you're there either too early or too late without warning and you don't get any information about it, it's bad difficulty. Keep the mystery and danger of the world, no minimaps, no markers, nothing like that. Just streamlining the mechanics a little bit so that it's more focused. Demon's Souls was a little bit better at that, by combining the massive difficulty with an open world, without any indicators, markers, maps or anything, Dark Souls brilliance gets a little bit lost in a sea of confusion.

The beauty of Dark Souls comes when you're beating the unbeatable, when you rise after the fall. Not when you're running around in circles killing easy enemies not having the slightest clue what to do, or when an NPC without reason doesn't appear, or talk, or whatever. That's tedious, and I think they'll might try to improve some of that, to make sure the game is focused on what it does best, making you a better gamer.
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User Info: d3dsight

4 years ago#28
Really, the main thing I think they should do is simply explain game mechanics in the manual. And have an essentially digitized (and streamlined) version of the manual from the start screen under a heading that says "Tutorial" or something. It can go over the basics of convenants, weapon upgrades (without spoiling how many there are), etc. When you do get new upgrades (embers), the description of the ember (and when you are at the blacksmith) gives you detailed information about stat modification.

Personally, I really dislike in-game tutorials outside of the basic one that the game already has in the form of the asylum (which is good).

User Info: Omniblitz

4 years ago#29
Ask yourself the following question, "What good comes from simplifying any game?"

The answer is nothing.

If you're an intelligible person, and able to work things out and not a brain dead moron, challenge is ALWAYS a good thing, it brings depth and character to your gaming experience, particularly the highs and lows of overcoming content.

Facerolling games (Anything that hands the content to you on a plate) does nothing, at the very bottom end it may boost your ego if you're the sort of person that thinks that destroying everything on a difficulty made for a 3 year old makes you uber leet.

Trust me, nothing good will come from a company selling out, other than catering to bottom feeders.
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User Info: W_S_Burroughs

4 years ago#30
I'm not worried about From selling out as much as I am someone else buying the series and defiling it. Like if EA buys it.
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