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User Info: acangial

4 years ago#1
Demons Souls was in my top 5 for a very long time. My first run at Dark Souls in 2011 just didn't do it for me like Demons Souls did. I know many players still feel that way. The problem also was that Skyrim came out shortly after Dark Souls and I am a huge Elder Scrolls fan. I stopped playing Dark Souls because Skyrim just took up all my gaming time - for a very long time; I know, blasphemous talk on this board.

Recently, I decided to give Dark Souls another try, but start with a fresh new character. As of last week, my new favorite game of all time is Dark Souls. It has totally taken over my thoughts, dreams, and nightmares. People have different reasons for their love of this game.

The majority feel that the game triggers extreme emotion (in a good way) and gives a sense of accomplishment like no other game ever made. I feel this way too, but it just hit me the other day on why I love this game: It is the true 3D sequel to SOTN - Castlevania Symphony of the Night. SOTN to me was one of the greatest games ever made and probably the best 2D game ever. Dark Souls is the grown-up and superbly complex 3D version of SOTN. It’s a winning formula for a game and I am just surprised that no one besides From can develop this formula for a video game in such a superb way.
Of course, upon researching it, this topic has already been brought up. I did actually think of this on my own, as I am sure many SOTN fans out there did. Just wanted to share my thoughts.
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User Info: Missing Number

Missing Number
4 years ago#2
I do feel certain parts of the game were a lil rushed not unlike SOTNs certain areas (the $1 room in catacombs anyone?) And it does pay for it a bit , such as the demon ruins and lost izalith, they just didn't seem as built up as the starting areas but yeah I can feel how you would get a SOTN vibe , seeing how area À can be linked to B F H K and you not realize it til u take the elevator down then u r like.... oh wow thats connected to that thing we saw ages ago..... and u get the shock unless ur consulting a guide or map which spoils the discovery

Playing this game has revived my inner level designer from SOTN days needless to say
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