Most deadly enemies?

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User Info: m415mike

4 years ago#42
GuileHawk posted...
The fact that they aren't in this poll probably confirms my idea that they are the most avoided enemy. I always hate fighting the Cat Bears/ Feline Beasts whatever the heck they are called that freaking roll move is a pain in the ass. Although they don't respawn, so maybe that's why people don't give them much thought.

OH GOD THOSE THINGS!! They killed me once after wandering too far. Never went back to that spot, ever. I've never killed a single one. Their record against me is better than any other enemy or player to ever grace this game.

the difference between deadliest enemy and enemy which has killed you the most is clear. I used to get destroyed by titanite demons, so they're in the running for having killed me the most. However, as I got better, they are no longer a threat, and are definitely not in the running for deadliest enemy to me.

User Info: Bakarii

4 years ago#43
Everything in Tomb of the Giants, especially the Skeleton Beasts.
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User Info: AnorBrando

4 years ago#44
Darkwraiths - if 2 or more find you, could be a challenge.

Titanite Demons - can easily be killed from a distance with arrows, but if you guys mean the manly way and fighting melee up close, would have my vote as well.

You know what enemies I hate? The giant mushrooms. They're very easy with pyro, etc. but from a pure attack position, when fighting them with a sword, they're so rotund, when I strafe them I always seem to miss the right spot and get slapped around. I very rarely can put these guys down without losing half my health for some reason, I think it's more psychological than anything. I just think they're scary looking.

Skele wheels are a joke, just sidestep them. Yeah they can ding you but in general if you arent an idiot and running in between 4 of them at once, they're easy enough.

You know which creatures really bother me? Those giants in the DLC, in the Sanctuary area. For some reason I go out of my way to avoid them vs. just charging at them.
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User Info: Nucl3arT1g3R

4 years ago#45
Wheel skeletons are easy as s***.I'd say Titanite Demon's are the hardest in the vanilla game.With the DLC, the stone giants in the Royal Wood would be the hardest imo.
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User Info: Sackboy_

4 years ago#46
Titanite demons.....

User Info: De-Pando

4 years ago#47
Voted for the skelaton dogs by mistake- I vote for the Bonwheel Skellies.
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User Info: liampancakes

4 years ago#48
being locked into a ng+ bonewheel grind, seeing your 1000+ remaining hp and yet knowing all is lost.

the safe spot for titanite demons is right under their armpit, the arm they lean on, keep circling into it and around to their back and their comboing shouldn't be an issue. the jump attack is unpredictable.
i've only cleared the bottom floor of sen's once. iron flesh, eagle shield and around 20 flasks were used.
i like going in to fight the one in anor londo with phantoms on ng+. he has a higher phantom kill rate than ornstein and smough.

dog skeletons can be oneshotted with a great fireball. i used bellowing dragoncrest and crown of dusk, not sure how necessary they are. for melee enter their aggro range and wait a second for them to move forward, then circle strafe towards them. don't back up as they come towards you, don't move towards them while they're standing still.

sentinels can be dodged the same as the regular giants (and crystal golems for that matter), lock on and sprint-strafe around their shield side, you should end up in the tiny safe spot of their attack and get a free shot at their back on their recovery.

User Info: Oni_Tatsujin

4 years ago#49
I voted other.

The freakin porcu-cat beasts in the back of the Darkroot Forest. Freakin' MONSTERS. Tougher than some bosses I think.
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User Info: jstephenszz

4 years ago#50
If the painting guardian beams are an enemy they are a pain. Same for the Dragon Bow Knight Archer as far as having to play half decently to avoid dying.
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