Hardest Boss in both Souls games(new game)

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User Info: HolyGrave

4 years ago#11
Old king doran, period.

User Info: ancapaillmor

4 years ago#12
HolyGrave posted...
Old king doran, period.

If you fought him fairly.

Man eaters for me, one was tough enough then you'd 2 of them and the area itself didn't help.

Garl Vinland with the 100% magic defense shield, could parry but if you screwed up he pancaked you.

Some of the black phantom NPC's, satwhateverhisnamewas, he healed was pretty agressive and then sometimes you messed up and the skeleton got into the mix.

User Info: Jesserae

4 years ago#13
Played the whole of demon souls through recently, cruised through it no problem (after approximately 1000 dark souls hours)..

Snorlax and pikachu still cause me problems, especially sl below 10 runs..
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User Info: AkanubonOrih

4 years ago#14
I had a really hard time with Artorias with my INT build character, but who knows how that would have gone with my STR/Pyromancer that I wrecked Dark Souls with initially.

I gave up on Demon's Souls so that game in general seemed harder than Dark Souls. Mainly because I have terrible reaction time and got sick of farming healing items. So glad Dark Souls went with the refillable flasks.
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User Info: Number4Rocket

4 years ago#15
Super Ornstein becomes a joke if you position yourself behind a pillar the right way. He does nothing but shoot lightning in place while you can kill him with arrows. Killed him that way just now on my SL12 char, and then felt bad about doing it in such a way (though the set-up inadvertently occurred when he was already poisoned and at 2/3 health).

I'll be getting DS soon and then I shall have my own thoughts on what is the hardest.

User Info: BadrangTyrant

4 years ago#16
I remember when I thought O&S were hard. I think I may have played the game too much, oh well.
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User Info: il_capitano

4 years ago#17
Maneaters were had by themselves, and the path leading to them wasnt exactly safe(long stairs with no right wall and squid guy patrolling it).

Old King Doran was a monster too if you tried to fight him fair(1 hit = bye bye stamina).

Kalameet is also a pain the first times.
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User Info: SNESdude11

4 years ago#18

User Info: turoklord

4 years ago#19
Old king doran. Ornstein and smough second.
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User Info: SNESdude11

4 years ago#20
HolyGrave posted...
Old king doran, period.

Dat deathcry.
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