What are some games that are harder than Dark Souls?

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User Info: altrich

4 years ago#11
watch until the very end
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User Info: Moose_Of_Woe

4 years ago#12
To name a few....

Mission: Impossible
Fester's Quest
Golgo 13
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Ninja Gaiden I
Silver Surfer

And that's just the regular Nintendo. There are plenty more on that console, that's for sure.

Other notables:

Pretty much any main entry in the Touhou series on Lunatic. (PC)

Deathsmiles without dying on level 999 mode. (Several platforms/Arcade)

Alien 3 (Game gear/genesis/several other consoles) The time limit on some of those levels are brutal.

User Info: Moose_Of_Woe

4 years ago#13
Frank_Poole posted...
Riven is the hardest game I've ever played, hands down. I filled up a couple pages of a notebook before I finally got fed up.

I was thinking of including that! Myst was pretty easy to figure out but RIVEN?

I got as far as a submarine and some weird giant duck billed platypus things and called it a day. I never did finish it. I never looked up a guide on how to finish it, either...I should go back and give it a whirl some day.

User Info: Cvdf3

4 years ago#14
altrich posted...
watch until the very end

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User Info: extremejon

4 years ago#15
Almost every NES game
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User Info: Crimson681

4 years ago#16
The original ninja turtles game for the NES was rage inducing. They should never make a game that hard that is targeted toward a younger audience. I never actually finished that game. I got as far as the big machine with the eye, forgot what it was called. I remember Donatello was the best one of the turtles, and was OP compared to the others.

User Info: HeavensEnd

4 years ago#17
God Hand is possibly harder than Dark Souls.
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User Info: acangial

4 years ago#18
As one other person mentioned above, Ninja Gaiden. However, it was hard in a good way, very much like Dark Souls is. There are so many games out there that are just cheap and consider themselves hard when in fact they are just cheap. Ninja Gaiden wasn't cheap and it forced you to learn the moves and level up weapons in order to survive. When the original came out on the original XBOX it was just mind blowing for the time. Even when it came out again years later in the form of Sigma for the PS3 it stood the test of time.

In fact, I highly recommend all Dark/Demon Souls players exeperience it. It's up in my top 5 games of all time. You can probably get it dirt cheap nowadays.
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User Info: CaptainWolf

4 years ago#19
Mario, Sonic, Mega-Man, Devil May Cry(1 and 3 mostly), Bayonetta.
All subjective, of course.
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User Info: Darkangel4444

4 years ago#20
Skyrim on the hardest difficulty...
Sadly it's true
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