From 1-10 rate your PvP skills

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User Info: Blackvoodoo79

4 years ago#31
1/10, got invaded for my first time last week... Twice. Basically got owned both times. I seemed far better at Demon's Souls PvP, probably because my gear still sucks... I need to get out of Blight Town. D:

User Info: pacpuf7249

4 years ago#32
3 with my first character, 7 with my second.
I just cant kill anybody with First, but everytime I get close to killing them. >:[
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User Info: shadowsofdawn

4 years ago#33
Croc won the topic with that wall o' pi.
\o/ Administering jolly ass-whoopings everyday.

User Info: YoungGganon

4 years ago#34
Imma go ahead and give me a 5. I'm sure that's WAY too generous but I tend to be in the upper brackets for DPS. Assuming this is PvP in general you're talking about and not just Dark Souls. I clearly don't know anything about Dark Souls.
(Now playing Dead Island, Vanquish, and PSASBR Beta)

User Info: Jemoai

4 years ago#35
hemphoarder posted...
Jemoai posted...
9, maybe 9.5 on a good day.

lol ok

If I weren't completely burned out on Dark Souls recently, I might have bothered demonstrating you. But then again, I haven't played in a while, so it might as well only be a 8.5 nowadays. :P
PSN/GFWL: Jemoai <--- Dark Souls stuff

User Info: orphanjohn

4 years ago#36
0 to 8. Depends on the day I'm having.
PSN: orphanjohn/OrphanFromdabloc (DkS)
Currently playing: Dark Souls, UMvC3, Transformers: FoC, Black Ops 2

User Info: Drago77

4 years ago#37
8/10 since I win just over 80% of my matches.

User Info: spectre1982

4 years ago#38
3/10 -I have a dex faith mura build and i do ok unless it is backstabbers i win about 2-3 out of 7 matches... im just trying to sunbro man
PSN spectre1006


4 years ago#39
PSN: WATAUGACJ, DomhnallOfZena

User Info: HolyGrave

4 years ago#40
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