From 1-10 rate your PvP skills

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User Info: Lodiss

4 years ago#81
hemphoarder posted...
you can still win a majority of your matches with the lag included. just learn to adapt to it and its no different than playing on the lolbox.

the skill level on the PS3 is vastly superior to the lolbox or peecee. I played a bit on my mate's xbox and my god there were terrible players in just about every match...

I'm not gonna disagree. It's only logical that the much larger player base, with a lot having played hundreds of hours of Demon's Souls, would translate to better overall competition.

It's like the skill difference between a low pop server and a high pop server in an MMO. Just happens naturally.
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User Info: Nick_Chaos007

4 years ago#82
AlbinoCrocodile posted...
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User Info: res_black_death

4 years ago#83
I'd say a 1. I can sort of hold my own against other crap players but against anyone who knows what their doing...I think I slightly annoy them by prolonging my death with random antics.

User Info: HellLink

4 years ago#84
I'm very good at backstabbing and mediocre at roll backstabs
I'm also one of the players that will parry you without the need to spam L2 five times in a row
I'm good at spacing myself and countering cheese

I'd say 7

My weaknesses are those who can parry flawlessly and people who run all the time.

User Info: W_S_Burroughs

4 years ago#85
Straight duels against competent players aren't my strongpoint. I'm not bad at them but not the best, maybe 6 or so. Good, but not great - I rarely go for pvp parries, but can hold my own otherwise (and am hard to parry myself). I basically don't ever use the dwgr, and sometimes mid-roll instead of fast roll.

If I'm invading, there's a better than 50/ 50 chance the host is dead if I'm on a decent build and they're anywhere near my level. Today I played for a few hours at level 35 and took out players from 100ish to 250 or so. I'm really good at dealing with 2v1 / 3v1 and win them frequently. I also tend to be sneaky and quick to track down the player or disappear, and know my way around the levels really well. But I'm about done with the game completely at this point; it's been a lot of fun though. But everyone will always run across people who will school them now and again, no matter how good you get.
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User Info: GodsPoison

4 years ago#86
On a good day im a 6, on a bad day im a 3.

User Info: sticky_white100

4 years ago#87
Depends if I'm tired or ready to play the game really.
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User Info: SexualCorndogz

4 years ago#88
I'm actually in the negatives. When they bow it gives me a chance to run.
Suck on my hard mode people!

User Info: shadowsofdawn

4 years ago#89
GodsPoison posted...
On a good day im a 6, on a bad day im a 3.

Did you ever get the darn DLC? lol
\o/ Administering jolly ass-whoopings everyday.

User Info: KingofKH

4 years ago#90
Like 4 right now, 6-7 when in shape
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