The reason why dark souls needs to die

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User Info: Deadnspread

4 years ago#111
CaliberChamp posted...
People have lost the concept of what a really good game is. It's becoming more apparent as the years goes by as more developers try to make their games as minimalistic as possible just like Dark Souls and still get praise for it. Why do you think critics and more people are praising minamalistic games now? IGN and Gamespot giving Journey the title of Game of the Year 2012, and other gaming websites like Kotaku and Gametrailers (Though I really don't count them their opinion is absolute ****) and some other game websites have given X com Enemy Unknown Game of the year, and there are even some that gave Walking Dead the game, Game of the Year 2012. Yet I would call this games out for being minamlistic. Journey is easily beaten in 2 hours. Walking Dead is a point and click adventure thats more like watching a movie than playing an actual game. X-Com Enemy Unknown has gamebreaking bugs and has that minamalistic feel to its gameplay like if I'm playing a game from 10 years ago. This all correlates into lazy design that gets praised. This would never have happened a few years ago.

These games go against YOUR idea of what a really good game is. Journey is a beautiful and emotional experience, it's minimalist style is not based off the developers being lazy, it's a stylistic decision. The Walking Dead is a game based around story, it's a point and click adventure (what telltale does best) and these kind of games have been around forever. While the actual gameplay elements are minimal the developers ability to create an emotional connection to the characters is second to none. As for XCOM, yes it is buggy, that i can't defend. The dev's have made some attempts to fix the games bugs but more needs to be done. The gameplay choices they made though i will defend, the minimalist style helps keep the game moving at a faster pace while still allowing for a good amount of strategy, the game isn't supposed to feel fair, you are supposed to feel outmatched, it makes overcoming odds that much more exciting. Finally i get to the topic at hand, Dark Souls. Despite what you believe this game has tons of content, just because an expert player can speed run this game in very short amount of time doesn't mean that it's short on content, there are loads and loads of secrets and areas, and monsters, and bosses, and equipment, and magic to find. If you don't like the combat that is based on your personal preference, it doesn't make you right or someone else who likes it wrong. The game is trial and error, it is about learning and growing as a player, many don't see this as a bad thing.

You seem to be under the impression that games should be made for YOU, this is not the case. You say these games have lazy design, they don't . The just have design you don't like so you call the devs out as being lazy, sometimes over complicating games is unnecessary and tedious for players. You sit here and criticize without ever giving a moment of thought to how many years of work went into many of these games, you're the worst kind of gamer in my opinion, you see no room for any kind outside of what your narrow focus of what a game should be.
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User Info: igashijin

4 years ago#112
"The pvp is horribly broken with bad mechanics like back stabbing abuse."
--And bigger PvP games (any FPS comes to mind) don't have latency "abuse" (by the way, the way the battle goes down on your screen is always going to look different on another; this is a consequence of networking, and really cannot be resolved)?

"The beginning cinematic is also a lie. You think you would be meeting up and maybe fighting some of those characters in game but you don't."
Let's see, the beginning cinematic mentions: Seathe, Gwyn, The Witch of Izalith, Gravelord Nito, the Furtive Pygmy, and some dragons.
You meet and fight: Gwyn, Nito, The Witch, and some dragons, along with a whole bucket of characters related to the above, leaving the Pygmy the only character in the introductory cinematic that you do not fight.

"Also the very minimalistic approach this game has makes it out to be a game that can be considered as an indie game."

--No it does not. The minimalistic approach to this game simply forces you to dig for your story, which is precisely what makes the gameworld so interesting in the first place.

"Horrible character creation system"
--To each his own; but we've both seen much worse.

"bad menus"
--Because you can't pause? I mean, there's an inventory screen, an equipment screen, and a status screen. I'm having trouble getting where you're going with this.

"poorly delivered story"
Being less nonchalant about the story would ruin the flavor of this game. The story is there in bulk, if story and lore is your thing. The story in this game is largely presented through dialogues and item descriptions, which I--and many people along with me--feel is refreshing.

"music being playable only for boss fights"
--I'm sorry that this dark fantasy doesn't come complete with Polka for you to enjoy.

"the magic and archery mechanics suck in this game"
--They could both be better.

"no navigation system"
The world isn't that big or confusing, dude.

"not enough options for online and offline modes"
Well, you have the mode that lets you kill people, and you have the mode that lets you help people. This seems pretty standard really. Hell, even RDR had the same basic options; the difference with DS is the way you go about multiplayer.

"no way to pause your game"
Philosophically, you see what's wrong about your complaint, right?

"horrible frame rate issues"
In Blight Town; also, it's not really much worse than anything else that pushes current 7 year old technology.

"very limited pvp options"
How about the one where you kill other players? I mean, isn't that PvP? Are you wanting to see a system in which you have bake-offs with other characters?

"clunky combat"
Somewhat realistic melee combat isn't going to be smooth or flashy. I feel DS nails it, personally.

"any other game that would have these kind of problems would get hated on, so why not dark souls?"
Most games DO have these problems-- and most games, even popular ones, DO get hated on for them.

"Does the false sense of difficulty exclude all the problems it has like the critics seem to ignore?"
--Nobody is ignoring anything; the problems with this game are known, the cons simply do not subtract from the great positives it offers.

You're missing the point entirely; Dark Souls is best enjoyed taken as a whole, not as the sum of its parts. Yes, it has flaws; however, where it shines, it shines very brilliantly. The difficulty is alluring (as it doesn't suffer from difficulty drop offs like Dragon's Dogma, which is fun.... until level 60...), but what really makes this game great is simply how unique it is about what it presents.
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User Info: fat_irish_guy

4 years ago#113
CaliberChamp posted...
I'm no troll. Look at how much karma I have. And I'm 28. I been playing games longer than most people here. Wrong and wrong you are. Just giving my honest opinion of the state of this game and I have what I have in my Sig so others will be saving their time and money on games that are very over rated and games that take advantage of people like the war z.

i cant help but laugh, u have xcom as terrible game but Guild wars 2 is good lol trololloloololo
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User Info: fat_irish_guy

4 years ago#114
haarlem1982 posted...
FRo3tBLo0d posted...
haarlem1982 posted...
LOL, go play blops you casul

I play BLops and have every achievement in Dark souls, So...

Yeah, so? I've got 22 platinums, does that make me pro? No it doesn't.

And the fact that you feel adressed when I call a blops player casul says more about the way you feel about yourself than I ever could...

hes saying hes not a casual gamer thats all wow people have downs now adays
I'm the backwards man the backwards man i can walk backwards as fast as you can!
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User Info: R1masher

4 years ago#115
Pancakes need to die

I like pancakes so I read some reviews about a pancake house that mentioned they had the best pancakes in a two block radius... they didn't. And now it's my duty to let the people that think that know I don't think that and by gum you're all going to pay attention and take notice of me because I have the karma to prove my opinion means soooo much more.

An opinion of an actual critic

User Info: Gump_the_Great

4 years ago#116
Winner: Skyrim

User Info: gofyaself

4 years ago#117
CaliberChamp posted...
I'm no troll. Look at how much karma I have. And I'm 28. I been playing games longer than most people here. Wrong and wrong you are. Just giving my honest opinion of the state of this game and I have what I have in my Sig so others will be saving their time and money on games that are very over rated and games that take advantage of people like the war z.

So your sig saves people from wasting time and money?Who are you exactly??
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User Info: TheBatman91

4 years ago#118
Although there are things i do not like about the game it is still a very solid, well made, fun game and my favorite games this gen.

So no op I don't agree with you that it should die.
Demon/Dark souls > FFXIII/XIII-2.

User Info: SHAQZZ

4 years ago#119
Mactation posted...
Lol, complains about how minimalistic this game is then has a sig praising Skyrim.

I can't think of any game in recent memory that has a more minimalistic combat system than Skyrim, pretty open-world doesn't mean a damn when the gameplay is nothing but repetitive fetch quests and re-skinned NPCs all running at you with their sword doing the same two strikes over and over and over again.

Look I like Dark souls and this TC is some stupid mutherf***** but Skyrim is a really good game. You don't just look at one aspect of a game an call it lame. So what the combat is basic, its not the combat that makes Skyrim so good. repetitive quests? there is so much to do in terms of lots of story lines and place to travel and actually for how big the map is im impressed that caves are ruins never look the same you don't feel you been here before. Sorry but Dark souls is a more repetitive game than Skyrim and that's a fact . There both good games, it does not matter what TC says or your say because Dark souls and Skyrim sell which means its a good game. I like demon souls but Skyrim IMO is the better game.
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User Info: Cvdf3

4 years ago#120
Dear CaliberChamp

While it has been fun watching you avoid any argument other than personal insults and reiterating the same nonsensical (and often completely false) points over and over; I must bid you fare well. I only wish to leave you with some parting advice. If you are to criticize a game for it's lazy development, PLEASE, do actually know what you are talking about; including the game and it's development. No one will take you seriously if you are being hypocrite by being lazy yourself.

Second, this is a sincere plea that you never get even slightly involved with the gaming industry in any way shape or form. People like you are the sole reason for the half-assed games (like WarZ) that you lament so much.

Also I have played every game you recommend in your sig, with the exception of Guild Wars 2 and yet do you care to guess what game I have had the most FUN with this entire gen? Dark Souls.

a Friend :)
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