The reason why dark souls needs to die

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User Info: KCGemini

4 years ago#121
From: CaliberChamp | #053
hak145 posted...
CaliberChamp posted...
Just to clarify...
I'm saying dark souls needs to die because it has started encouraging other games designers to become minimalistic in their design, as well as other games like The War Z, and the Call of Duties but to a slightly lesser extent.

I wish Dark Souls started encouraging more minimalistic design. Sadly, games are going the call of duty route...

So by your preference... Less work = better designed game? If a game has a lot of content it must suck like Skyrim? Man, I'll never understand that stupidity.

No, it means that the average DS player would rather not let the game hold their hand and guide them through everything. I find games more fun personally that have some kind of a learning curve or emphasis on actually letting the player think.

It's not minimalistic as the story is definitely there, but it's not showing several (unnecessary) cut-scenes or having large walls of text for you to read.

This generation seems to want the exact opposite, and frankly I'd rather have substance than flash.

Then again I don't know why I bothered posting this when frankly this is a troll topic; or you have horribly casual tastes in games. Probably both.
What's wrong with the world these days is people don't have any common sense...

User Info: sirch98

4 years ago#122
CaliberChamp posted...

An opinion of an actual critic I believe in when he talks about the game. Played it, and hated the game. Not just because I don't like it, but because I was lied to for everything it was supposed to be but wasn't.

"You will also pick how stupid you want your lame character to look the few seconds of the game you’ll spend not as a zombie. And you will look stupid." was this written by a teenage girl that spends to much time on the internet?
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User Info: MC_BatCommander

4 years ago#123
lol, so how mad is TC that he was so bad at Dark Souls he had to rage quit?

User Info: CaliberChamp

4 years ago#124
Hey guys, guess what? I suck at Dark Souls. You are all better at gaming than I am because I suck at Dark Souls so bad. I'll forever be a casual, it doesn't matter if I like other hardcore games. As long as I hate dark souls I will never be considered a hardcore gamer despite the fighting game tournaments I have attended. I wish I was as hardcore as you guys, I could never stand playing a trashy game like Dark Souls for hours upon hours. For that I salute you guys for all the punishment you withstood and all the Skyrim bashing you have done to finally prove once and for all that Dark Souls is the superior game of this generation and how all future games should be like Dark Souls. However, when that day comes, I'll get into the game industry as a reviewer and write a column about how over rated Dark Souls was back in the day and I'll get paid for it. Have a nice day guys.
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Terrible games: Dark Souls, Demon Souls, Diablo 3, X-Com, War Z

User Info: MC_BatCommander

4 years ago#125
That's too bad, you can nurse your butthurt over there, there is some butthurt ointment.

User Info: Cvdf3

4 years ago#126
While it has been fun watching you avoid any argument other than personal insults and reiterating the same nonsensical (and often completely false) points over and over

ahem.. er.. sorry. That slipped out somehow...
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User Info: addicting159

4 years ago#127
SHAQZZ posted...
Mactation posted...
Lol, complains about how minimalistic this game is then has a sig praising Skyrim.

I can't think of any game in recent memory that has a more minimalistic combat system than Skyrim, pretty open-world doesn't mean a damn when the gameplay is nothing but repetitive fetch quests and re-skinned NPCs all running at you with their sword doing the same two strikes over and over and over again.

Look I like Dark souls and this TC is some stupid mutherf***** but Skyrim is a really good game. You don't just look at one aspect of a game an call it lame. So what the combat is basic, its not the combat that makes Skyrim so good. repetitive quests? there is so much to do in terms of lots of story lines and place to travel and actually for how big the map is im impressed that caves are ruins never look the same you don't feel you been here before. Sorry but Dark souls is a more repetitive game than Skyrim and that's a fact . There both good games, it does not matter what TC says or your say because Dark souls and Skyrim sell which means its a good game. I like demon souls but Skyrim IMO is the better game.

skyrim is good for players that like story and exploring souls are for people that like combat and accomplishment neither game is better it depends on preference. i cant stand skyrim for its terrible combat but its still a good game, just not people who like good gameplay with their game.
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User Info: Wafalafaugus

4 years ago#128

I feel like this somewhat fits the topic.
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User Info: Quaguaman

4 years ago#129
obvious troll is obvious. Did I mention obvious....well u are

Have nice day
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User Info: KCGemini

4 years ago#130
As long as I hate dark souls I will never be considered a hardcore gamer despite the fighting game tournaments I have attended...

Are you DSP? Lmfao.
What's wrong with the world these days is people don't have any common sense...
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