dark souls vs demons souls

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User Info: seanm86

5 years ago#1

i have stumbled upon this game and it looks great but also found demons souls which is older but gameplay looks very similar has anyone on here played both and could shine some light on which to get?

User Info: d3dsight

5 years ago#2
They're both great games that are worth buying. I played Demon's first. Dark Souls felt like a more refined and "complete" game, but there are pros and cons with both. The gameplay is very similar between the two, but the worlds/lore are vastly different in tone, and the world layout is different between the two.

Demon's Souls has 'levels' you can warp to freely. Dark Souls is more of a 3D Metroid style of "open world" where you access locked areas later on in the game.

User Info: Cecil_Del_Sol

5 years ago#3
They are very similar games, with some minor/major differences. I'll post a few ones that I point out to players of Demon's, but not Dark.

The world in Dark Souls is large and nearly seamless, quite open, and can be easy to get lost in. Demon's Souls instead functions more like the Mega Man games, with you entering different levels from a sort of "home base."

The magic system works like the old Final Fantasy games in Dark, with each spell having X number of uses. In Demon's, it works like more recent RPGs, with N spell costing Y MP, and certain items can replenish this MP.

Dark has a stat in it that dictates how easily your actions are interrupted. Demon's does not (I don't recall how easy they were to halt, though).

Dark seems to be, in general, easier. Could just be me, but I had exactly 0 instances of being walled in this game. In Demon's, I had several levels that it took many, many tries to get through. Part of this could be due to the inclusion of the ability to summon NPC allies even when offline (where I had to play for a long time on both games). Demon's had no such option.

There's a few things, mostly just gameplay stuff, I'm sure others will point out more.
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User Info: fat_irish_guy

5 years ago#4
i never played demon put watch a friend play through majority of the game i would say IMO dark is harder put some bosses in demons look down right cruel like the one Spoliers

That drains your soul level
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User Info: seanm86

5 years ago#5
thanks for the reply's i think i will look out for dark souls and pick it up pre-owned since i also have skyrim but got fed up playing because of the glitches lol

User Info: ISayNya

5 years ago#6
Actually Demons is much easier. Most of the bosses have an easy way do defeat them, weapons and equip aren't nerfed to being half useless, bosses don't hit you like a truck, you are not limited to a sliver of casts - you have MP bar instead of uses. World Tendencies were cool too. Still Dark Souls has bigger world and much more PvP potential (even with all those bugs). And those goddamn lizards in Dark finally respawn until killed, and cannot run away and ruin your playthrough.

User Info: ISayNya

5 years ago#7
Still as i heard Demons is now sold at PSN at $20. Totally worth every buck. Online is surprisingly alive too - saw a lot of ghosts in Nexus recently.

User Info: BombayNugz

5 years ago#8
Demons souls combat is better in every single freakin way imaginable. But dark souls looks pretty. So choose your poison.
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User Info: samuricex

5 years ago#9
Both are great, if you like one, you will like the other. I recommend Demon's Souls first since if you like them, you will probably end up playing both.
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User Info: acangial

5 years ago#10
Both games are fantastic. Play Demon's Souls first. You may find Demon's Souls harder than Dark Souls because you'll need to get used to a different paradigm of playing. Once you start playing Dark Souls you'll already have sunk many hours into the playstyle and may find it easier. The reality, though is that Dark is harder, but most people on this board will find it easier simply because they have spent 100 + hours in Demon's Souls first.

There are people on this board that can write a whole thesis on how much harder Demon's is, but at the end of the day, the only hard part to both games is that you have to be patient and spend great deals of time studying statistics.

Be prepared to die, but also be prepared to be amazed. Keep your mind open and be patient.
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