The Iron Golem Boss was a ****ing joke

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  3. The Iron Golem Boss was a ****ing joke

User Info: Xade76

4 years ago#11
Iron Golem killed me twice on my first run (which I'm not done with yet), but then I realized I was being a dumbass. Sorta felt the same way after Quelaag.
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User Info: TILlegion777

4 years ago#12

I love that fight, just because I love watching Tarkus go to town. It's a nice break because I usually end up with more deaths than I like in Sen's. My body is attracted to perilous ledges.
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User Info: ISayNya

4 years ago#13
acangial posted...
Ceaseless discharge is right up there with Golum and Pinwheel. Manus and Kalameet make up for that. I know you can cheese Manus, but I chose to fight him head on.

What is so hard about Kalameet? Yes, getting his tail is a royal pain in the ass, but if you want to just kill him he falls very easily. Somewhat of Seath 2.0.

User Info: GutsCydonia

4 years ago#14
Actually, most bosses in this game are kind of easy... The first time I played it, I overestimated the gargoyles and went Rocky on the goons, levelling up around that area before I even got to them.

Iron Golem was the same... I was expecting insanely fast, hard hitting boss who would make me fall to death easily at the same time, because of how that whole place is set up. How relieved I was to see that it was a giant in a rooftop... I went to town on his legs and the way he fell... Man, that was still a funny, satisfying moment.

Pinwheel was funny. That cool intro, then he died in a couple of combo from the black knight halberd.

User Info: McJeph

4 years ago#15
Almost all the bosses in this game are a joke - really.
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  3. The Iron Golem Boss was a ****ing joke

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