can i get a summon to help me please?

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User Info: ROGUE408

4 years ago#1
Need help killing this dragon guarding the bridge lol. I'm just up the ladder at Undead Burg bonfire in the small room just before you step outside under bridge.

Psn projeKt_rogue
Lvl 18 thf

User Info: dustybottoms7

4 years ago#2
Is this your first time through the game? If so, you shouldn't fight the dragon. You can get past it one of two ways. You can either go under or over the bridge. If you decide to go over, just wait on the other side from where you come up the staircase (behind the wall. the flames won't get you). Eventually the dragon will hop down, when he does, run past him and into the building. Don't immediately light the bonfire though. Leave out the side of the building until the dragon flies away.

If you're familiar with the game and do actually want to kill the dragon now for whatever reason, then my bad, carry on! haha

User Info: OE_Exorcet

4 years ago#3
Killing it on a first run is easy, get a bow and a few hundred arrows. You should have enough dex going by your sig. You can snipe the dragon from under the bridge by the rat area safely.

If not, I might be able to help you later.
Omega Echelon at
AC4 player community PSN: Exorcet XBL: OE Exorcet

User Info: McJeph

4 years ago#4
Based on your post - I assume you're new.

You don't need to kill the dragon.

User Info: ROGUE408

4 years ago#5
I am new lol. Thx I went the back way but lit the fire on accident. I killed the black knight up on tower, do I use bow and Snipes dragon from there?
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  3. can i get a summon to help me please?

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