killing ornstein last sucks!!

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User Info: jbergman

5 years ago#1
This is already a hard boss battle but damn its hard going for smough first. I want ornsteins armor so i have to do it this way.

Anyone got some tips?

User Info: Shankis

5 years ago#2
Keep a pillar between him and yourself and hit him with ranged attacks.
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User Info: KGhaleon

5 years ago#3
^my first time fighting him. Not a good fight, but should show you how to avoid some of his attacks.

When he does that thrusting attack, roll into it. When he leaps into the air, roll away from it. Use pillars to avoid his attacks and heal up.

User Info: Cecil_Del_Sol

5 years ago#4
He has a funny little blind spot if you just stay between his legs. Wait for him to attack, then hit him. Only one he can hit you with is the ground pound, which is so widely telegraphed that you should be able to just roll away unscathed.

They're one of the hardest bosses on playthrough one, but they quickly became my favorite one on all subsequent playthroughs.
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User Info: ISayNya

5 years ago#5
Killing fatty last sucks even more - at least Ornstein cannot one-hit kill you with any of his attacks.

User Info: L0Z

5 years ago#6
which one is which? all i remember is the fat one is a pain in my ass rushing at me with his hammer.
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  3. killing ornstein last sucks!!

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