After all the BS i went through in darkroot garden, was THAT IT?! *boss spoilers

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  3. After all the BS i went through in darkroot garden, was THAT IT?! *boss spoilers

User Info: nativeboi85

4 years ago#1
So after having a pain in the ass time at the dark root garden with the grass people and then those big sword guys that do some kind of daze spell to you, I mean after a while after figuring out darkroot it wasnt that hard just an annoyance, i got to the boss and was like oh man I know this boss is gonna be a PAIN in the ass, I fought it died the first time because I did not understand it, after the second time I killed it, so easy, really? Thats it? Wow.

User Info: grimsoldierz351

4 years ago#2
That's why you Should beat him first before any other boss. That's what i did. And it felt good to beat him at level 10 where he actually had a chance.
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User Info: sirch98

4 years ago#3
We got a badass over here. Killing the Moonlight butterfly, you're on your way kid.
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User Info: Kyuubi4269

4 years ago#4
Moonlight Butterfly. It's just there to let you get a couple things.
If your shop is getting shot by an arrow trap, sometimes you are going to get an arrow in the knee.

User Info: Whyte Folkz

Whyte Folkz
4 years ago#5
You talking about the Butterfly? Yeah, it's among the easiest bosses in the game. It's magic is strong, but very easy to avoid. You might have missed it, but there is an NPC summon sign at the bottom of the tower, hidden under the barrels. If you summon her, the witch can basically solo the boss while you hide in a corner, making it even easier if you want.

User Info: Feeff_PSN

4 years ago#6
Yep, it's best to try and get an NPC summon to fight with you at every boss encounter you can.

- If you've found the Pork Chop of Attraction, tie this around the NPC's neck.
- Drop your sword.
- Back away with your hands up spamming the "I don't want no trouble mang" gesture.
- Position your NPC buddy between you and the boss.
- Try to get at least one wall, pillar, or blacksmith between you and your NPC's back.
- Remember: absolutely no eye contact.

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User Info: TwStedPrinCe

4 years ago#7
lol grass people
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  3. After all the BS i went through in darkroot garden, was THAT IT?! *boss spoilers

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