Dark souls who's the best..

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User Info: gofyaself

4 years ago#1
Button presser here?
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User Info: Nucl3arT1g3R

4 years ago#2
James Heaney.
Kevin sent me.
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User Info: Cvdf3

4 years ago#3
Nucl3arT1g3R posted...
James Heaney.
If you build your shop in front of an arrow trap, sometimes you are going to get shot by an arrow.

User Info: Octaivian_Rex

4 years ago#4
From: Nucl3arT1g3R | #002
James Heaney.

Topic over, no contest, end of discussion.

User Info: mychocoboscool

4 years ago#5
"Dark Souls With James PT 3" officially confirms this
"Nothing is impossible" is a false quote because then something that is impossible is impossible.
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User Info: R1masher

4 years ago#6
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