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User Info: ratul123

5 years ago#1
For the past few days the Butterfly Forest has been awfully empty. Is there any fight club that I can join where people duel regularly? My PSN is : maxratul

User Info: Aporia_Mage

5 years ago#2
Not especially organised, but feel free to add or pm me for some fights.
PSN & GT: alainvey

User Info: brumey

5 years ago#3
i have internet again!

hosting in the burg in the evenings so far (central europe) .

PSN: big_brumey

also offer muling services and can provide all items and stones (198 each). PS+ makes it possible!

User Info: ratul123

5 years ago#4
Thanks guys, I will add you both! I think I already have met Mage for a few random fights :) Brumey, thanks for the offer, much appreciated,but i think i am good. Not looking for a mule right now, just want some good fights!

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