4 kings kinda a joke? possible spoilers

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User Info: RWA1987

4 years ago#1
Ok earlier I posted about Smough and Oren and said how much trouble they gave me. Well the next two bosses Sif and especially the four kings were cake. Like I heard the 4 kings were supposed to be super hard but after my 2nd try I beat them. Basically I put on havels set and used power within and two handed +15 claymore and dominated.

not trying to brag but is this just a really easy fight for a str stam build?

P.S. my vitality is only 12.
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User Info: MikeoftheDesert

4 years ago#2
4 kings ARE, easy.

The only problem with them is if you can't absolutely dodge and your damage output is too low.

4 Kings can be a challenge from NG+4.

User Info: brumey

4 years ago#3
ye. they are a joke!

power within + poise + flask + good weapin eats them!
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User Info: Biezulbub669

4 years ago#5
I can't beat the 4 Kings on NG ++ lolz
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User Info: KadeAuron

4 years ago#6
they arn't hard with that strat... you don't even have to play just r1 and estus flask... but on new game pluses it wont go down like that.
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User Info: Lives

4 years ago#7
I don't think Four Kings are a joke, as other people have mentioned, you can get away with poising through everything up close in NG, and maybe NG+, but the further you go the more damage you start to take, and sooner or later I think it's better to dodge. You are also going to be somewhat limited by the amount of damage you can do to them, meaning the more HP they get, the longer each fight will take.... so if you waste time by getting stunned or miss a dodge, your fight just got harder.

But in NG, yeah, they aren't too bad if you have a good weapon....that's key. Most people have the Havel's set and at least a decent weapon by the time they fight Four Kings, so it's understandable that it can be easy that way.

User Info: gfacchini

4 years ago#8
I beat them on my second try too. The first run I used Iron Flesh and felt like a sitting duck. Second run I just went right up to each of em and mashed, blocked whenever necessary, Estus whenever necessary. Not as difficult as I anticipated but still very cool.

User Info: Violet_Shadow

4 years ago#9
I beat the 4 Kings on my first playthrough on my first try, wearing Shadow Set(no poise) and wielding Iaito+14, and never even took a hit. Didn't have backup from Beatrice, either, nor did I use buff spells like Power Within. I just killed each King before the next showed up.

On NG+, however, I took the fight too lightly and had to try like 6 times before winning.

On another note, I always prefer to use a quick and agile melee character(thief-base, ninja-build in this game), as opposed to a slow and lumbering tank or a cheap-arse mage. However, I did recently start a tank-run, but I still refuse to exceed 50% Equip Load.


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User Info: R1masher

4 years ago#10
I am disappoint, came in here expecting a joke and all I get is one queen beats four kings.
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