I just got this game.

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User Info: ZombieAkane

4 years ago#1
But I'm at work.


Talk to me about the game.
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User Info: Disastersaurus

4 years ago#2
blah blah build elitism blah blah dead angles blah blah one right way to play

No but seriously the game's awesome, I just got back into it after a long break. Working on my SUPERTANK guy.
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User Info: doraemonllh1989

4 years ago#3
In your first playthrough

dont look at any walk-through,don't look at guide,try to enjoy and get a feel of your first play
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User Info: andy12handy

4 years ago#4
Here's something which I wish I could do again:

Go blind.

Just jump into the game, without any hints of what to do, and go on from there, and don't quit it.

It's just so exhilarating not to know what is right across the wall, and to always be on your toes.
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User Info: Phophenomenon

4 years ago#5
ah yes a casul
You mirin' brah?
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