Am I a bad person for griving?

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User Info: misery013

4 years ago#1
Who are you? Who slips into my robot body and whispers to my ghost

User Info: Lodiss

4 years ago#2
I can't tell what the typo is really supposed to mean, giving or grieving. Like did you forget the e or accidentally add an r.
You were indicted

User Info: Zombie_Punk

4 years ago#3
I griv all the time.

User Info: turtle225

4 years ago#4
Zombie_Punk posted...
I griv all the time.

User Info: AIreadylnUse

4 years ago#5
I have no grives about griving.

User Info: nmbuser

4 years ago#6
just a bad speller
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User Info: xCloudyx

4 years ago#7
I put grives on my pizza. You can't pizza until you grive! Want to go look do more like?
(\ (O_O) /) Praise the sun!

User Info: seyyjJ

4 years ago#8
What's grieving?

User Info: gumbyxcore99

4 years ago#9
Just make sure you have your grivers license
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User Info: Reihn_K

4 years ago#10
I really don't get why people would even want to grief, or should I say bully noob players... I mean what the hell is so fun about doing it? Don't we all love DkS because of its difficulty and challenge? OHKO'ing noobs is just... well, not difficult at all. So to answer your question TC, you're probably not a bad person. You're just pathetic and bored.
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  3. Am I a bad person for griving?

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