Demon's Souls vs Dark Souls?

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User Info: Zennou

4 years ago#21
Patriarch105 posted...
I'm not seeing much in the way of these games being different except for some very minor things.

The only major difference is that Demon's Souls has a world hub and "levels." Dark Souls is a 'whole' explorable world very reminiscent of Super Metroid.

User Info: Ryphis_Demeanor

4 years ago#22
I did not like Dark Souls as much at first. I actually quit about a month into playing it because the Capra Demon was a pretty cheap fight and I felt the graphics had taken a hit and the world was intimidatingly huge. I finally jumped back into a year later and I didn't touch the wiki or a faq until far after I had rung the second bell and realized I would be missing a lot of the game without some more info. Demon's Souls on the other hand I managed to make it up to the very end before I finally started exploring the wiki and understanding world tendency. Sometimes when you love a game so much you kind of reject the sequel for a while because you understood the old game so much. Dark Souls has surpassed the Demon's and although I do prefer the setting and graphic style of the first game, the online, covenants, and huge world to explore and master make it a better game overall.
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