Demon's Souls?

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User Info: b561248

5 years ago#1
So Demon's Souls is on the PSN store now, and I'm thinking about buying it, since I loved Dark Souls. My only reservation is that I played Dark Souls a frickin' lot - I've beaten it at least 5 times. I tried to beat it with a level 5 character, but gave up on O&S, so I'm not godly-skilled, but I am concerned that I might fly through Demon's Souls pretty quickly, given that the games have the same mechanics. Anyone played both and have any insight on this? Thanks.

User Info: addicting159

5 years ago#2
Well i've beaten dark souls many many times and demons was still very challenging and its definitly worth a buy if you liked dark souls.
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User Info: HeavensEnd

5 years ago#3
In a nutshell Demons Souls is good buy it.
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User Info: Flame060

5 years ago#4
Demon's Souls is great.
I'd say I like it much better than Dark Souls. It's just Dark Souls is the more popular one at this moment.

User Info: EdgeofDarkness

5 years ago#5
You will reach flamelurker and be so glad you got it.
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