I actually like the Demon Souls armor more.

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User Info: Asellusa

4 years ago#11
I dunno, I think the armour looks better in Dark.

The robes are waaaaaay better.

And you can fashion souls more in Dark, but maybe that's because there's more sets.

I was never really a fan of the Gloom helm.

It's just weird.
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User Info: FishInMyPants

4 years ago#12
DeS Fluted Armor >>>>>>>> all other DeS and all DkS armor combined.
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User Info: ISayNya

4 years ago#13
The best part of Demon's Souls armor was two different set of sprites - one male and one female. And Mirdan Armor and Binded set were cool too. Also dat mask on female black leather set.

User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#14
Gloom helmet is my favourite piece of armor in either game.
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User Info: akechi419

4 years ago#15
I agree also because DeS had female variants for armor more so than DkS.
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User Info: Shadow286

4 years ago#16
SolidKnight posted...
I only care fore: Fluted Armor and (Elite) Knight Armor. There are some other interesting ones in Dark Souls but I feel like they could have done more with them. Balder set needs a cape and some under garmets. Ornstein needs a different helmet.

Ornstein's would be fine if it had the tassel the real Ornstein had. Without it it just looks weird.

User Info: NicoJay6

4 years ago#17
Not wanting to encourage DLCs but I wouldn't mind DeS clothes/armours for DkS if reasonably priced. Stats wise they could just be the equivalent of palette swaps of existing DkS amours.

User Info: SSJPabs

4 years ago#18
I like the Dark Souls armors better in general but I l think the best looking of the DeS armors are better than the best looking DkS armors.

Regardless, I've ended up mixing and matching armor sets in both games.
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User Info: orphanjohn

4 years ago#19
Viking_Mudcrap posted...
orphanjohn posted...
You are entitled to your opinion TC, but I have to 100% disagree. DeS had some great looking sets, but DkS just has way more great ones imo.

Like which one? I am just asking. I am curious to see which ones you like.

I just don't like the armors in Dark Souls. They are all so meh. Like they all used the same "Dark" colors palette.

Not to mention most "skirts" have no shoes and it just looks weird.

Elite Knight and Knight
Lord's Blade
Black Iron

I also feel that the mixing of certain armors also work better in DkS.
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4 years ago#20
hemphoarder posted...
SolidKnight posted...
Balder set needs a cape
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  3. I actually like the Demon Souls armor more.

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