Most awesome looking but sucky ass boss?

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User Info: Crashdashx

4 years ago#1
I just fought gaping dragon and almost pooed myself and then I fought him...

User Info: LegoTechnic

4 years ago#2
"Aww, look at that adorable little aligator poking its head out of the hole. It's so cu... uh... hmm... uh..."
"Hey, you know, I don't think that's an aligator..."
"There's still more of it coming out... Why is it still coming out? That's a big claw!"
"Teeth... So many... This looks bad..."

And then proceeds probably one of the easiest fights in the game. But dat intro was still awesome and you know it. :-]
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User Info: Drago77

4 years ago#3
Don't want to spoil anything for you if its your first playthrough, but some of the characters in the opening cutscene make for lousy bosses.

User Info: gofyaself

4 years ago#4
Fight gaping solo without killing the channeler first.Then my friend we shall see how easy it twas.
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User Info: Cecil_Del_Sol

4 years ago#5

He looks pretty tough, until you figure out that he's just Sif's moveset put onto a person.
Cecil is a man with honor. ~ AncientPancakes

User Info: Snipa_Wulf12

4 years ago#6
Bed of Fail.

I thought I was in for the fight if my life when I first saw it.

Biggest let down of my entire gaming career.
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User Info: caelitus1

4 years ago#7
not a boss per se but the Hydra

User Info: Yuenku

4 years ago#8
The Hydra was actually pretty tough for a low level character. I remember finally defeating Havel for the first time at around lvl 11, and going to see what was past the door he guarded.

I saw the Hydra way at the back of the forest and thought "HELL NO"...considering Havel just killed me repeatedly >.>

Imagine my surprise when I find a flying Hydra in Ash Lake >.>
~**Lolicon Pride**~

User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#9
Demon Firesage? He looks scary but he's just a fart machine.
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  3. Most awesome looking but sucky ass boss?

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