Can I homeward bone from the bell gargoyles boss fight?

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User Info: Banana_morph

4 years ago#1
I pre-emptively jumped into this fight with a decent amount of souls that I think would be much better spent on leveling up or upgrading my weapons/equipment.

However I'm looking for some advice on what stats I should level. I am a thief build with 16 strength, 13 vitality, and 13 endurance. My dexterity is 16. I am in the basic thief armor I started with and I have been using the drake sword, winged spear and bandits knife. Obviously I will want to use the drake sword for the gargoyle fight but my question is, is it worth leveling up and reinforcing? I read that it isn't as effective later in the game but would it be a good idea to upgrade it now?

Also I know about havals ring and the dark wood grain ring. Should I attempt to get these two key acc before or after this fight? Just looking to make some progress tonight you know what I mean?

And last but not least.....where can I get pyroflame? Do I buy it at firelink?

Thanks to anyone that replies.
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User Info: brandonford

4 years ago#2
You should be able to homeward bone out of there.

A pyromancer flame will be given to you at firelink after you free an npc from the depths.

If you kill the vendor in the undead burg he drops THEE thief weapon, but be warned, if you do so you won't be able to buy repair powder(which might not be a big deal to you.) till the dlc area.
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User Info: gothicanime

4 years ago#3
I just started the game couple weeks ago, but i would suggest lvling your END since you will be rolling and running a lot in this fight. I presume you won't be blocking since you are wearing the thief gear.

As for the drake sword, if you read the sticky at the top of the board, it says later in the game you will forfeit the sword.
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