Biorr of the Twin Fangs vs Black Iron Tarkus

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User Info: Oil_Rope_Bombs

4 years ago#11
bonafide knight

User Info: PHoToS999

4 years ago#12
Biorr obviously wins. Not only can he solo a late game boss, he can take on a dragon for ten minutes straight.
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User Info: FishInMyPants

4 years ago#13

Because poise.
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User Info: toughguypete

4 years ago#14
Why do people always compare Biorr to Tarkus? Siegmeyer is Dark's Souls equivalent to Biorr

User Info: m415mike

4 years ago#15
brandonford posted...
I don't know, I've seen Tarkus take out a Darkwraith in ng+ after getting spammed in the face with dark bead.

It was hilarious!

The invader didn't stand a chance.

Tarkus can eat dark bead? Tarkus wins. I don't think anything exists that inflicts as much DPS as dark bead.

User Info: CrimsonJudgment

4 years ago#16
Impaired Medic posted...
Tarkus wasn't killed by Painting Guardians. Tarkus thought he could jump from the rafters to the bottom floor.

sadly that isn't the case if you go to his corpse and look up there's a ceiling above it making it impossible for him to have fallen from the rafters. im sorry but the case here is tarkus is a noob

User Info: LegoTechnic

4 years ago#17
Tarkus died in Anor Londo (confirmed by the crestfallen guy), which means he couldn't even make it halfway through the game. That's a poor showing honestly, even if he was leveled enough to tank the iron golem.

Biorr more or less slept his time away like the lazy old man he is, but when he finally got up he was able to tank both a high-damage boss and a bridge-slaughtering dragon for extensive amounts of time.

Additionally while you can't ever actually challenge Tarkus to a fight, fighting Biorr in the Nexus (in case you're doing Mephistopheles's quest or something) is a challenging affair with his high health and damage. Fighting Biorr is rough and takes forever, assuming you don't kill him with the glitchy poison cloud reactions.

I've a feeling that Biorr would kick Tarkus off a ledge and then take a nap.
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User Info: LegendaryHatred

4 years ago#18
I'm pretty sure the Great Sword from Demon's would easily crush Tarkus' poise. ELSS sent people ragdolling across the field in Demon's now they're toothpicks.
Darkwraith Ranking Officer.
Spirit in Black Until The Journey's End.

User Info: SGDonZ

4 years ago#19
Biorr ftw.

Biorr: You deserve a handsome reward!

Me: YES! w00t!

Biorr: Only i have none... Gah hah hah!!

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