I need some advice/tips on low level build

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User Info: closetkpopfan

4 years ago#1
For starters I don't know what my level cap should be. I'm mostly looking for some undead parish fun, possibly going as far as getting in the Darkwraith covenant for easier invading. Or should I try Gravelording? I heard it only works in new game +, so that low it's probably better to go with Darkwraith right?

As for weapons, I assume elemental weapons are the way to go this low since your stats won't be too high, so I'm guessing I should just focus what points I do have on making sure I can use w/e weapon and the rest into vitality/endurance?

I initially wanted to do a low level dragonslayer spear build, but if you want to stay under 30 your basically using all your points just to be able to use the weapon, which leaves no room for vitality or anything. I think the char I was setting up for that was already near level 40 lol and that's higher then I wanted to go. I really wanted to use this at low levels though, I guess you could use it under 30, but you'd basically be at base vitality and endurance which doesn't leave many armor options.

The last thing is armor, at that low of a level your going to be limited pretty much no matter what, so what are so good armor/ring combos under 30?

I'm also aware that there are probably tons of overpowered low levels running around there from bb glitching and what not, but oh well. I like the challenge of trying to go through the game at a low level anyway, so it's not just for low level pvping.
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  3. I need some advice/tips on low level build

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