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User Info: darkcresent91

4 years ago#1
It would of been cool if for this game ( or dark souls 2) that after the first new game + all the enemies were random. For example there started being more knights or sometime snakes, or any other type in the burg .Though the enemy had to be the same type so where ever theres ranged monsters it has to be a random ranged monster. Also it has to stay the same number and location. So the entrance to sens fortress instead of having two snake guards, it could have maybe a black knight and a stone golem. Then the next time maybe an infested barbarian and a minor capra demon

User Info: TheIronGubGub

4 years ago#2
Originally they were going to make it so that black knights would randomly appear and attack you, even during boss fights.
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User Info: UFE9999

4 years ago#3
I thought they changed enemy placement at first, but it was just placement changes from the patches. :(
I would have liked NG+, etc. a lot more if they changed the AI a bit. Maybe made the enemies more aggressive, if not smarter. Making enemy detection ranges wider would have been good too (or reverting them to pre-patch ranges for places like Lost Izalith). At some of the later cycles, it feels like you can use the same strategies against everything, but just need to repeat them more because of the higher HP.


User Info: altrich

4 years ago#4
I'm down for any changes that will make NG+ harder as long as it will still be possible to do a low level or sl 1 run.
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