Just completed Demon's Souls..on to Dark Souls.

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User Info: neiru_3

4 years ago#1
So yeah I just finished Demon's Souls. Loved it. Now I'm moving on to Dark Souls. Now I know there are a few differences, but for the most part I believe the game play is the same. What are big differences between the two? Can you invade or assist as a Blue Phantom? Is Dark Soul's more challenging or easier? I heard something about Hollows, is that like being in Soul form? Is Dark Souls longer or shorter than Demon's?

User Info: overmaxx

4 years ago#2
The biggest difference is in the structure of the world.
Demon's Souls is a HUB where you select what level to play, Dark Souls is a interconnected web-like world with shortcuts and different paths to the same goal. Think Metroid/Castlevania.

Apart from that, there are some changes in the mechanics, like the removal of healing grass to be replaced by a limited flask charge system, the ability to carry infinite items (no need for storage management), a complete overhaul of the magic system, and so on.

User Info: d3dsight

4 years ago#3
Be patient with Dark Souls. If you got really absorbed in Demon's Souls, you might be initially a little off-put by the change in tone at first. I didn't really like it at first. But it really only took a few hours for me to change my mind.

User Info: akechi419

4 years ago#4
The timing to parry is very different. Humanity = Restores human form, kindles bonfire to give you more healing, adds to discovery for easier drop rates, and ups stats the more you collect (for yourself and some weapons). The oh snap camera man is gone
(Camera shakes when you parry/backstab).
PSN ID: Arkangel419

User Info: SGDonZ

4 years ago#5
Yes you can do lots of co-op & invade :) The hardest? Hmm. I would say Dark Souls is harder since you can't carry a million healing items. But for the actual gameplay it's pretty much the same. Some things might make Dark Souls feel harder since it's a open world game & you will likely end up going the wrong direction several times & enter mid-game areas & die constantly. It can be pretty frustrating at first. Take it slow & let the good times roll :-)

Both games have been completed in less than 1 hour so in a way it's kinda the same length. But Dark Souls takes twice as long to beat i would say.
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