Strength "speed build" series

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User Info: MrSmi7h

4 years ago#1
I'm uploading a fast build series for anyone interested. The first one will be a strength character from the character creation screen to Oolacile township in NG+ with proper equipment to PvP and in the end, some PvP action.

Here's the part 1

User Info: MrSmi7h

4 years ago#2
List of "achievements" under 5:30 including deads, and farming:

SL 100 warrior.
Forest covenant
Oolacile township NG+

40 vitality
10 attunement
45 endurance
40 strength
18 dex
58 humanity

Black knight great axe + 5
Black knight great sword + 5
Large club +15
Hand axe + 15
Butcher knife + 13
Chaos shotel + 5
Composite bow + 9
Pyromancy flame

Greatshield of Artorias
Grass crest shield + 4
Crest shield

Full gold hemmed
Gargoyle helm + 5
Havel's gaunlets
Hollow soldier waistcloth

Havel's ring
Hornet ring
Ring of favor and protection
Ring of steel protection

Red sign soapstone
Dried finger

User Info: shadowsofdawn

4 years ago#3
Not bad at all. Who needs the BB glitch.
\o/ Administering jolly ass-whoopings everyday.

User Info: MrSmi7h

4 years ago#4
shadowsofdawn posted...
Not bad at all. Who needs the BB glitch.

Thank you shadows, much appreciated, at the beginning I though I can do it much faster and with more weapons, but in the end in a so long run a lot of things can go wrong (and that's what happened).

I'm going to keep uploading this for anyone interested, it may take some time...also, I'm thinking on ways to "speed build" another characters, the most entertaining part is to plan the "structure" of your run.

*Still not as fast as BBG :-D

User Info: Lives

4 years ago#5
This is good stuff, especially for newer players. It doesn't take as long to create new characters as many would suggest if you know what you are doing.

User Info: Lives

4 years ago#6
bumpity bump. People should see this.

User Info: MrSmi7h

4 years ago#7
Thanks a lot Lives, also, uploading part 2, it may take a bit...

User Info: haarlem1982

4 years ago#8
Interesting watch, can't wait to see part 2
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User Info: altrich

4 years ago#9
total return swap against libor +165 bps. what do?

User Info: MrSmi7h

4 years ago#10
Thanks for the feedback people, here is the part 2, from the gargoyles to ceaseless, and back to the blacksmith bonfire:

Items acquired for the build: Butcher knife, Gold hemmed set.
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