More I play and die to griefing invaders the less motivation I have to go on.

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User Info: shoe7ess

4 years ago#31
Detsuaxhe posted...
dozingdevil posted...
A) Undead form is ugly
B) Being in human form is more satisfying in ways that are hard to explain. I basically feel like I'm doing 'badly' if I'm in undead form.
C) For Co-op, but like I said in my post, if they only opened you up to invasions after you're trying to or have already summoned then it's not a problem really.

A) Deal with it
B) You're wrong, so this point is invalid
C) If you're summoning phantoms, then you're losing 2v1 or 3v1, and deserve to do so.

dozingdevil posted...
but when you're starting a new file you don't have the luxury of good equips like they do.

Yes you do. There are strict level ranges for invasions. If you're being invaded by someone, you have access to the same stuff he does. If you can't get the stuff he has at your soul level, then he's just better than you, and that means you don't care about losing.

Agree with you except for the last part, the level ranges don't really mean s--- because it's fairly easy to complete the game with a SL <10 and grief in burg or parish. In fact, that's what the majority of griefers end up doing, and although it's possible to get quite a few decent advantages early game, there are still a lot of things you can't get until you place that Lordvessel.
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User Info: Reihn_K

4 years ago#32
lol @ detsuaxhe post about griefers standing on the same ground with the early-game hosts. They all grief you with end-game equipments and 99 humanities (I don't need to tell you how easy it is for them to farm that 99H). Doesn't take much skill for them to overpower most of the hosts in early areas.

Anyways TC, you should turn that frustration into your motivation to get better at dealing with PvE. Complaining about being invaded while dealing with a mere channeller in parish will get yourself ridiculed by most people here. Eventually these NPCs will feel like a joke to you and you will welcome invaders with open arms. Either you summon a powerful phantom (invaders are not the only ones with OP gears, you know), or you can try to get into NG+ with low SL and murder those petty invaders yourself.

User Info: AIreadylnUse

4 years ago#33
I can't see Griefers being an issue by the time you're in Sens/Anor Londo. Why on earth are you summoning before this? Just play the game and you won't have any problems.

Alternatively summon twinked phantoms, they're probably worse then twinked invaders (I imagine killing havel over and over again is even less skill building then killing a newb and his white knights) but at least you get two.
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  3. More I play and die to griefing invaders the less motivation I have to go on.

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