Cool builds/weapons to use?

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User Info: _Moonlight

4 years ago#1
Looking for a new build to make and I'm terrible at making decisions that have a million choices. I've pretty much only played through this game with the Lightning Spear (first time, duh), Claymore, and Washing Pole.

If it helps, I love wide attacks like Claymore running attack, Washing Pole rolling attack, etc

I've never really used any of the axes, blunt weapons, ultra greatswords, or really anything else than the weapons mentioned

So, what's your favorite, and why?

Looking for fun more than anything
The artist formerly known as EmpyrealMagician

User Info: Ryphis_Demeanor

4 years ago#2
So I have been trying almost everything over the last few weeks and here are my favorites hope this helps some.

Chao Great Scythe (Or any other) has bleeding build up, great range, overhead attack and very fast DPS. It's easy to see 1000+ damage stack up with this weapon.

Lifehunt Scythe - same as above but with a huge bleeding build up that also effects you as well, so wear a Bleedbite Ring or use a Blood Shield. This thing will kill most players in 2-3 solid hits thanks to the 500 Bleeding daage.

Dragon King Great Axe - the special attack (R2 two handed) is worth the strenth requirment alone. I've seen it do 1000+ damage to two people at once with a great hit.

Moonlight Great Sword - Another one that is worth the requirements. Combined with repair powder you essentially have a shooting sword. Very powerful and great in PvP or against AI enemies.

Zweihander - My personal favorite weapon because the R1 attack does a nice 200 degree angle sweep. The R2 attack does a crushing overhead attack that knocks most AI enemies off their feet giving you valuable time. Very similar to Claymore though.

Abyss Greatsword/Great Sword of Artorias - Both of these weapons are devastating once you master the move sets which in the case of the Abyss Greatsword (DLC) is pretty original when compared to all other Great Swords.

Quelaag's Furysword - Fast and furious this is favorite choice for PvP

Gravelord Sword - Toxin build up is an undeniable asset against invaders.

Gold Tracer (DLC) - one of the best weapons in the entire game because of how fast it is. Also has great combos and bleeding build up.

Demon's Great Axe - overhead attacks mainly except for a good running attack. It hits really hard and fast too.

Blacksmith Great Hammer - Lightning Damage and fast hits but you have to kill a Blacksmith, don't know if you're okay with that.

Guardian Tail - (DLC) cannot be parried is one of the only two whip weapons in the game. 2 handed it has a huge sweeping range attack and adds poison damage. Not a common weapon at all but very fun to use as a secondary weapon.

Those are the weapons I've found to be very fun and effective lately.

User Info: Ryoufu

4 years ago#3
Giant Blacksmith Hammer has amazing lightning damage.
Demon's Spear/Silver Knight Spear are the best spears in the game.
Claws.Dem Claws.
Greatsword has a,imo, pretty good r2 attacks.
Dragon Tooth for swag.
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