Be honest, is PvP 99% a waste of human productivity? What about single player?

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User Info: arcnet

4 years ago#1
I've played most of the game without witnessing much multiplayer activity. The game has been around for a while. But in the DLC area after the arena there are people playing it seems.

I've decided to just play offline. Mainly after I intentionally worked toward the end of the township only to come to the next bonfire. But I couldn't hit the checkpoint because of an invader. So annoying.

And the invaders which spawn just about as soon as I go no-hollow.... before I even get up from the bonfire. Are way way outside of my league. I just can't believe we could possibly be on the same SL even if they are somehow passing equipment to low-level accounts or whatever.

So I think there must be some mechanism by which we are being paired with wildly different SL. Is is based on sin? Or what? I've accidentally killed a couple NPCs. I can't sit the controller down without the heavy attack buttons going off. And I couldn't resist Gwyndolin which I understand is perma-sin??

I can't think of any reason to to put low SL vs high SL outside of once you go past the diminishing returns point. It's just a total waste of time for everyone involved. It's not like the invader gets anything for the time they gave up and will never be able to get back.

If anything PvP should be based on some kind of ranking system that pits players of equal ability based on wins against one another. I am pretty sure that's how Armored Core 4 works more or less. This just seems like a waste of time for everyone plain and simple. Does the arena work this way?

I have doubts that the single player game even makes sense for someone with a job that can't take off work for a month or two to play it. If you have to work 40hrs a week it will take you a year or two to play through NG.

EDITED: For example my character will hit an NPC invader for like 500HP with the Moonlight sword. It's pure magic attack so you think there is not a lot of equip to defend against it. But when I hit an invader it does about 50HP damage or less. If they hit me non-backstab it does about 500HP damage. I don't usually have many souls on me. So what's the point of the invasion? Humanity is easy to come by.
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User Info: AshtonRPG7

4 years ago#2
play coop and leave on invaders >_>

coop is much more interesting than single, specially in high ng+

User Info: arcnet

4 years ago#3
I did try summoning phantoms to co-op the invaders. But usually they are not around. The invader backstabbed me before I saw them, and neither of the invaders ever showed up.

The invader was naked and wielding a huge club. That's the only one that conceivably could've been on equal SL to me and pulled off a kill. But again just the connection time for the invader and host is so long that it is a total waste of time.

^One of the summons in the township had a name like Ash... something. I would be surprised if there are more than 100 people around the world playing this game for PVP. Co-op would be fun if the levels were more difficult. The bosses just go away so you only get one crack at them.

It would be cool if the bosses would comeback during co-op play. Probably not hard to beat them with help. And most of them don't yield that many souls. If it was split equally it wouldn't be a big deal.
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User Info: jumpplane

4 years ago#4
You can be summoned by another player, and do boss fights as many times as others will summon you.
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User Info: arcnet

4 years ago#5
jumpplane posted...
You can be summoned by another player, and do boss fights as many times as others will summon you.

I've thought about that, but it would be better to be able to do it both ways. Not everyone wants to sit around waiting to be summoned, and the players that do are probably going to be more experienced players.

I have to rely on the flasks to get by. I'm not sure how long I would last without them. Especially in a NG+ situation which is where most players would probably do coop for the first time (if they still want to play after XXX hours of NG) since NG can't be too difficult to do without coop (unless there were ample NPC phantoms with decent AI)

It would really be nice if you could do the level with NPC/coop help until you were good enough to do it alone. That would be easy to arrange for if you had to split the souls even.

BTW: I would like to learn more about this game. And better yet how we can make this kind of gameplay work better. I will probably be the person implementing net play for From's Sword of Moonlight (search for it on Gamefaqs) RPG maker. I think we have to do a better job than this if its going to be a worthwhile experience for everyone.

I really like Armored Core versus play. I don't see why the sword and sorcery alternative can't be just as good or at least provide some variety if it turns out that the two just can't compete with one another.
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User Info: Detsuaxhe

4 years ago#6
Seriously, please stop making threads.
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User Info: R1masher

4 years ago#7
Lol? Man, my head hurts after reading that... Lol?

User Info: arcnet

4 years ago#8
Detsuaxhe posted...
Seriously, please stop making threads.

And who are you again?

R1masher posted...
Lol? Man, my head hurts after reading that... Lol?

Then don't.

Excuse my stalkers. They hail from some benighted land.
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User Info: dantedeschain13

4 years ago#9
Just to throw this out there, are you sure you weren't playing with people who buffed or something? I just started PVPing and discovered Great Magic Barrier makes a joke out of everything (Dark sorceries included) so these normally high damage spells are doing nothing and it could look like I'm some crazy level (using that as an example). And what are your stats? To my understanding, Moonlight Greatsword ain't so hot if you don't have a lot of Int for it

User Info: seyyjJ

4 years ago#10
Playing video games is 100% waste of human productivity. But so what?
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