Feels like I've done this before...in Demon's Souls

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User Info: jackstar_rock

4 years ago#1
Not to hate on Dark Souls, but after visiting a handful of areas, that feeling that I've done this before keeps popping up. Both games have a red dragon with its awesome breath weapon, and some of the environments are recycled assets? I can't help but feel that the entire Blighttown is a remix of Valley of Defilement.

A lot of the mechanics seems to be reused. Backstab? Same animation. Riposte? Not sure if the window is the same, but it almost works the way it was back in Demon's Souls. The ragdoll physics are still here, and the graphics look dated by today's standards. Fighting Stray Demon felt a lot like fighting Adjudicator.

There are 2 things that I like about Dark Souls. The first is the scraping of world tendencies. I dislike that it reverts back to the server's medium when it affects drop rates and if I want to farm I have to do it offline. The 2nd is the separation of pyromancy from standard statistics. One of the balancing issues back in DeS was that magic was OP for PvE, but only a handful of skilled individuals could take a mage to PvP and do well there. Further, by separating the two, players can opt to go with melee builds and clear PvE with pyro.

I might have prejudged a few things, since I just upgraded my pyro to ascended +5 and barely started Sen's Fortress? Can't rub off the feeling that DrS is more of an expansion pack that focuses on fixing balance issues and flaws in the first game than a full fledged sequel with an identity of its own.


User Info: Parsl5k

4 years ago#2
Dark uses similar ideas, but their execution makes the game feel pretty different to me. Wait until you see Dark's balance issues regarding dex v. str weapons and poise.

User Info: Detsuaxhe

4 years ago#3
Since when are sequels expected to differ radically from the games before them? Did I miss a memo?
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User Info: SGDonZ

4 years ago#4
Detsuaxhe posted...
Since when are sequels expected to differ radically from the games before them? Did I miss a memo?

True but reusing enemy A.I's is pretty lazy. Dreglings (DeS) & Undead Soldiers (DkS) have the exact same A.I except for a few moves. & the Asylum Demon reminds alot of Vanguard. Also sound effects was reused on some enemies. Black Knight's (sword) also have same moveset as Blue & Red Knights from DeS.

User Info: Lodiss

4 years ago#5
I'm having the same feeling in reverse, because I'm playing through Demon's Souls now.

Feels good though.
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User Info: Shankis

4 years ago#6
jackstar_rock posted...
Fighting Stray Demon felt a lot like fighting Adjudicator.

I believe you mean Vanguard, not Adjudicator.
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User Info: Yuenku

4 years ago#7
Consider Dark Souls to be the fully polished version of Demon's Souls. It reuses concepts; but the way they do it makes Dark Souls a fresh and damn fine experience.
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User Info: Aganar

4 years ago#8
I feel like I've played Demon's Souls before...when I played King's Field II.

User Info: jackstar_rock

4 years ago#9
Impaired Medic posted...
I believe you mean Vanguard, not Adjudicator.

I was thinking Adjudicator/Stray Demon because both have very powerful strong attacks from far, and the tactics to deal with both is to stick close to them while dodging/circle-strafing/turtling with heavy hitting moves up close. Albeit that Stray Demon requires a good magic shield while that's optional for Adjudicator.

Vanguard = Asylum Demon, since both are tutorial bosses. I actually didn't have an issue with both games' tutorial segments, since they are supposed to teach the player basics of the game and I think similarities are fine here.

Detsuaxhe posted...
Since when are sequels expected to differ radically from the games before them? Did I miss a memo?

Okay, let's examine some sequels that uses the same engine, but offers a completely different playing experience within the same generation to be fair. I'm tempted to cite Half LIfe 2 but the first game and its sequel uses a different engine after all:

GTA 3 - barebones sandbox, rough edges in gameplay, horrible lock-on but sets the bar for open world games
GTA: VC - improves marginally on the sandbox world, still horrible lock-on with crap shooting mechanics, but shines so brightly with its retro 80s music that has many fans calling it one of the best in the series today
GTA: SA - considered by many to be the best. Radically tweaks the formula with set pieces and things to do in a sandbox game. The series' trait of a wonky shooting system is still in place, and so are the low-res graphics. It isn't until IV that a new engine was worked from the ground up.

Final Fantasy IV~VI: uses the same graphical style from IV~V. VI was vastly improved in terms of graphics and gameplay. Music by Nobuo is often inspired and varying.
Final Fantasy VII~IX: same engine but each iteration's combat, towns, dungeons and story are distinct from each other.

Shadowhearts 1~3: Ring system gets expanded with more combos in place. Different cast, story and dungeons to go through.

Suikoden I and II: 2 was considered superior to 1 in terms of story and graphics. Effort at writing a strong script was evident in Suikoden II's story.

Suikoden 3~5: Same deal with the Final Fantasy series. Has collecting 108 members as the series trademark while penning an entirely new plot for every entry.

While I played Dragon's Dogma, I was thinking, "wow, no more ragdoll physics! This is neat if Demon's Souls played like that!" Dante's stinger move was incorporated so smoothly into the action, I have no issues with spamming it on every battle. Before I come across as promoting Capcom's attempt at a WRPG, DD has its own share of problems, and doesn't boast of a robust PvP scene.

I get that there are some new enemies and dungeons in DrK too. Darkroot Basin with the tree-folk enemies is refreshing. It is just the first half of the game with the optional areas that left me mildly disappointed at how recycled a lot of things are. That wow factor from experiencing sequels in my above mentioned list seems to be missing.

User Info: BuggyTime

4 years ago#10
Did the TC just call DkS--with all of its additions and brilliantly designed, intricate seamless word--an expansion pack? I don't even...
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