Hacker warning for ps3

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User Info: St0ve1

4 years ago#11
Dagnoth posted...
Lol just cuz you cant beat me doesnt mean you can post on online mesg bords scrub


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User Info: aneed4peed

4 years ago#12
Question. Did the invader attack you back or did he just stand there taking hits and then get disconnected?
a knock, a thud, a tiny...zwoosh, where?
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User Info: Ryphis_Demeanor

4 years ago#13
I've seen a few of these guys over the last couple months in multiple areas at different soul levels. It's as described. They aren't blocking they just take hits for 0 damage. It's not lag, I'm too familiar with lag stabs being a Zweihander user. Good luck TC.

User Info: R1masher

4 years ago#14
Vids or it didn't happen

User Info: matricha

4 years ago#15
i encountered one (maybe similar situation) in duke's archives the other day, but the invader just stood there and took all our hits (i was helping phantom), after my backstab the guy started to walk, another hit and the player jumped in the air and continued walking in the air. my guess is that this case is just a glitch, didnt seem like player was hacking (didnt records players name).
anyway, i dont see this as a big deal honestly, stuff happens.

User Info: Cvdf3

4 years ago#16
hacker, ps3
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User Info: GreenKnight127

4 years ago#17
Hmm, sounds like there's more to the story.

This could be explained with just severe lag problems, or HIM disconnecting or having very busy internet traffic during the battle.

I once had a guy invade my game in New Londo Ruins. He rolled directly at me....and the next thing I knew...he was FLYING over the water. Like he was just running really fast off the cliff, and an invisible walkway was under his feet. And he seriously ran into the horizon. He was soooo far away that he was just a tiny glowing speck. It was rather impressive and even kinda hilarious!!!

So I'm getting my binoculars out to get a better look at him flying over the water....and the next thing you know, he's standing 10 feet in front of me!!! AGHH!!!

And then I swing my sword a couple times....and they hit him! I hear the "splish" of physical damage being done to him....but his health doesn't move an inch.

And suddenly he's standing behind me! Just teleported right there like he's Nightcrawler or something.

And then he's doing the backstab animation....only my body isn't moving.

And suddenly he's standing over me bowing....and THEN my body does the backstab animation....and I'm dead.

It was lag-tastic. Would have made an amazing youtube video.

Personally, I have noticed that if you intentionally run a "full" antivirus scan on whatever coputer is sharing the internet your PS3 is hooked up to...WHILE downloading several torrents...and having multiple tabs of your web browser open.......it will cause you to lag in your game.

I think people intentionally do this because they know it will make them lag, and sometimes they can use that lag to their benefit.
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User Info: Spikey_Kun

4 years ago#18
akechi419 posted...
Skull_Leviathan is his psn. I got invaded by him and hit him 5 times all connected and he didnt lose any HP. Few hours later asa white phantom helped host. This same guy invaded and the host and I whaled on him, he just stood there taking it, and no hp loss. He was wearing Full havels set and 2handed a MGS. If you guys know a way to report him please do.

I had something similar happen last night. My GF got invaded and since she's not very good I took the controller to play. They guy walked up to me and I just wailed on him. He took no damage and I somehow ended up in the backstab animation while he was still in front of me (though I oddly took no damage). Getting up from the animation he killed me.

This has to be somewhere between lag and a hack. I remember using lag-switches and getting results like this in PS2 games way back when. I wonder if the same thing is being done with PS3 games.
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User Info: akechi419

4 years ago#19
aneed4peed posted...
Question. Did the invader attack you back or did he just stand there taking hits and then get disconnected?

sorry for late response. Invader attacked me back after exhausting all my stamina. I hit him like 6 times while he stood still then he killed me and the host with a 2 handed R1. I heard the gashing sound when we were hitting him. I sent him a message "hacker...sad" He said "sorry for hacking"? Weirdo.
PSN ID: Arkangel419
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