Is It Possible To Win This Fight?

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User Info: m415mike

4 years ago#1
I felt like doing some invading in Sen's, and I stumbled upon an opponent I simply cannot beat. Now, I'm messing around with a low level build:

And I know this guy is several hundred levels higher than me, because he got himself killed while I was stalling (he was ganking) and I got over 330K souls from his death. I kept invading and he is no longer ganking, but he is turtling with the DSS and the eagle shield. He is giving me no options for a backstab of any kind, he isn't predictable enough to parry, he has enough poise to withstand at least three attacks from me, he has almost double my health, and he has enough stamina to break my guard easily.

Obviously he is not 100% unbeatable with any build, but is there anything I can do aside from hoping he suddenly suffers a stroke? I'd prefer to keep using this build. It's a lot of fun.

User Info: Oil_Rope_Bombs

4 years ago#2
No You Cannot Please Stop

User Info: HolyGrave

4 years ago#3
It's Only Possible With The Crestfallen Sword.
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User Info: dantedeschain13

4 years ago#4
Lure him to one of those narrow walkways and kick him off? Kicks aren't affected by poise, right?

User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#5
^ I'd have to agree here, find an opening and kick him. It will undoubtedly be difficult if he's turtling up but you probably won't kill him any other way. You could try lure him onto a catwalk and get hit by a blade, but I wouldn't fall for parlour tricks like that.

If you have a pyro flame, you could use GC to break his guard. If you manage to parry him, I'd recommend kicking from there rather than following up with the riposte.
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User Info: R1masher

4 years ago#6
Shotel, bleed, poison, dead angle, ...

User Info: m415mike

4 years ago#7
R1masher posted...
Shotel, bleed, poison, dead angle, ...

Shotel, bleed, and dead angle will leave me open and he will annihilate me. I could poison him, but the lightning damage he does through my shield will kill me before poison kills him. If I try to run away, he will cure the poison.

To those who suggested kicking off a ledge; he does not leave the first room. Even if he did, kicking won't break his guard, and will leave me open.

To those making fun of me by posting with the first letter of every word capitalized; I don't see why you are attempting to make fun of me. Titles are supposed to be written/typed as such, and the topic title is a title.

User Info: Detsuaxhe

4 years ago#8
Babby's first English lesson.

Just wait on the roof and trick him into getting hit by firebombs, or wait on the blade walkways. You're the invader, you can afford to be patient. He only wins when you die or he enters the boss fog.
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User Info: haarlem1982

4 years ago#9
If he is in the first room, you could try to get some distance and throw poison knives and odge around like a mofo untill it wears out, rinse and repeat. Stay close enough so if he tries to heal, you can still run in for a bs.
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User Info: dantedeschain13

4 years ago#10
I dunno, when I get in that scenario, I bleed em out with my Gold Tracer (usually can stunlock them before me) or WOG/Emit Force/Force them off a cliff. Don't really have the fth for any miracles and dex is a little low for a tracer. Think use can use an Uchi but don't personally know how great that is for bleeding peeps out
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