question about intelligence builds

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User Info: TwistedSenses

4 years ago#21
MrSmi7h posted...
You start casting faster from 30 to 45.

The wiki itself says 35~45 and lists the few rules to the 'cast speed increase'. But I'm not one to test all of that myself so I'm going strictly by that at the moment. Any proof 30 starts it?
Deadpool/Hawkeye/Strider Hiryu all day | Yoshimitsu/Raven | Goh'ing to hell since like...a few months ago.

User Info: turtle225

4 years ago#22
TwistedSenses posted...
turtle225 posted...
TwistedSenses posted...
turtle225 posted...
well this escalated quickly...

I'd consider it a reasonable pace considering the factors.
One noob.
One douche.
One random guy pops in spouting bs.

Awesome time to waste a grand total of 3 minutes.

hmm... where do I fit in this equation? I'm not the random guy spouting bs am I?

Nah, you didn't escalate anything at all did you? Unless you had that fog ring + slumbering combo and somehow got errybody mad at errybody.

lol nah i was just wondering cause I couldn't account for that part of your equation. But yes, considering the internet, I shouldn't have been surpised the topic derailed. Happens all the time.
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