Anyone wanna gank with me in the forest? SL 121

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User Info: Oil_Rope_Bombs

4 years ago#1
just post your psn here and ill add you

make sure to have twop and wog :)

User Info: seyyjJ

4 years ago#2
Damn I'd come for the lulz but I don't have those pr0 miracles on my Sl120 chars!

User Info: HolyGrave

4 years ago#3
Add me dei_sicarius
Alyn shir is hot.

User Info: haarlem1982

4 years ago#4
I dunno man, my momma always told me not to go into the forest with strangers
You need people like me so you can point your f***ing fingers, and say: that's the bad guy.
psn demonchild82, MILFeaterManfred

User Info: Roxelot

4 years ago#5
add me so we can scrub the ginger off they are crotches

pms: storied_hero

User Info: dantedeschain13

4 years ago#6
I'm feeling like messing up someone's day, W-Lrd_GreyWolf

User Info: DignatoReRaised

4 years ago#7
I read the topic as "gonna w***" (Why is that even a moddable word -_-) at first. Then I clicked on it cause I thought that'd be hilarious.

Whoops. :(
PSN: DignatoRR || Pawn: Skarid - Ranger - Level 30 and rising

User Info: R1masher

4 years ago#8
I would, but all my builds are optimized at either 711 or 713. My 713's are wearing cool armor sets too.

User Info: MrSmi7h

4 years ago#9
Add me: I'm-themostbrutal-andviciouschampionever-you'renotalexanderI'malexander-IonlybelieveinJesusOhsalahmalikum.
My Murakumo duel vid

User Info: Lodiss

4 years ago#10
I gank gankers in the forest at sl1

You were indicted
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