Best Light armor set?

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User Info: Kraven_XRLKB

4 years ago#1
Any good sets for fast roll @ 100 equip load?
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User Info: Tr1pLe-

4 years ago#2
Wanderer hood, dingy robe/sage robe, wanderer manchette, maiden skirt for light 0 poise armor.

User Info: Detsuaxhe

4 years ago#3

Click the armor optimizer button.
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User Info: BookerV

4 years ago#4
I use Havels Ring, and the RoFP for my set.

I've got Logans Hat (purely for awesome looks)
Dingy Robe +10
Havels Gaunts
and the size eyed Channeler pants.

I use a +14 kanata (the iatoti one, or however it's spelled) and the Black Knights Shield.
This gives me good poise, decent protection, and I can still fast roll like a mofo.

Plus the look is badass. I'm a big fan of the giant hat samauri look!
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