In your opinion, does summoning NPCs to help w/ boss battles feel like cheating?

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  3. In your opinion, does summoning NPCs to help w/ boss battles feel like cheating?

User Info: johnnydan22

4 years ago#1
I ask because I'm at O&S right now, and I'm reallly thinking about summoning Solaire, cause this fight is on some bull****

I know it's a built-in game mechanic, but does it feel cheap to you to have the aid of an NPC assist you with a boss?

User Info: monoslugg

4 years ago#2
In a world full of hollows, a bit of jolly co-operation can do no harm.

User Info: MeLikeyPie

4 years ago#3
No. This is a boss we're talking about I'm sure he could summon his own minions if he wanted to. If he's not going to, well that's not my problem.

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User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#4
No. It's a lot less cheap than bringing along player phantoms.
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User Info: Renegade

4 years ago#5
NPC's? Not really.

They're basically fodder with exception given to Tarkus.

Though there was that one time I did see Solaire miraculously solo regular Ornstein...

>_> []
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User Info: acangial

4 years ago#6
With 4 Kings summoning is actually a handicap.
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User Info: caramel_cod

4 years ago#7
NPCs are no big deal.

I wish they were the only possible summons in NG, bosses don't stand a chance against more than one human player.

User Info: R1masher

4 years ago#8
Yeah, but not if you're playing fashion souls... You get that for a handicap.

User Info: Detsuaxhe

4 years ago#9
You already answered your own question. It's a game mechanic explicitly included by the developers to allow players to mediate difficulty on their own. If the fight is too hard for you to solo, then the developers included phantoms just for you. The existence of NPC phantoms settles this matter pretty definitively.
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User Info: arcnet

4 years ago#10
IMO NG is balanced for playing with the NPCs help. Except in the Depths Dragon fight where the NPCs are probably intended to fall to the dragon to make it appear more menacing.

I've been playing games like these my entire life (decades) and the bosses are just way way too difficult without summoning the NPCs. They are way too easy with the NPCs, but then so are 95% of games released nowadays.

Of course to not use the NPCs is missing out. And From' followed the same pattern with Armored Core where mercenary partners were gradually introduced as a game mechanic.

The real problem is there is no penalty for being hollow. So a player may well decide to just be hollow before getting to the first summon boss and never realize the NPCs are there to be summoned because it really isn't obvious that they would be.

EDITED: I thought the Anor Lando (O&S) boss was quite nice for that point in the game even though the design was pretty lame. It's for sure setup to encourage you to kill the fatty last as an out. Otherwise it isn't exceptionally difficult. Solaire had 90% of his health when I beat it, though I lost a couple times where he died first.
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  3. In your opinion, does summoning NPCs to help w/ boss battles feel like cheating?

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