Good starting build?

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User Info: holywtfomg

4 years ago#21
odd, i'll check in the morning but yeah i did get invaded but the guy left and i still couldn't use the bonfire. would be happy if thats all it was because running from parish to quelaag just to die on the way was getting on my nerves. thanks for the hope XD
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User Info: MrSmi7h

4 years ago#22
holywtfomg posted...
smith is your build for pve or pvp? btw i watched your video is that the same build?

Both, you can switch to an elemental pike if you choose 16/14 or to a silver knight spear if you have 16/40.

My build on the vid is a 28/40, murakumo needs 28 strength to one hand it, and the one hand moveset, specially the running attack, is quite good. I don't recommend it to you, the extra 12 strength you need is usually a waste.

For now, with 14/14, 16/14, 14/40 (more damage with regular weapons than anyone with elementals) or 16/40 you have access to the full arsenal of dex weapons, which is normally more than enough.

Also, if you go 40 dex for high damage what people say here may worth, 45 dex does not pump the damage so much, but the casting speed is faster.
My Murakumo duel vid
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