What is your success rate against Forest gankers?

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User Info: W_S_Burroughs

4 years ago#21
SSJPabs posted...
William S Burroughs posted...
Then just dead angle them with WoG and use combustion if that doesn't finish them off. ... That won't work against good players, but you would be surprised how effective that setup is against most groups.
Anyone I ever encounter in the Forest just rolls through WoG.

That's what the TWoP is for. Also, if you're good with the timing / estimating lag, you can time it so you catch them at the end of the roll but before they have time to move again. The range is larger than you think. Alternately, run right up to them and tank a hit. If you have good defense, even with low Vit (like 800 HP) you'll usually be able to take two hits at least.
smash the control images, smash the control machine.

User Info: liampancakes

4 years ago#22
new question, what is your success rate at lying about how you beat gankers? if they're dumb enough to keep attacking instead of healing when they're below half health i win 50% of the time. most aren't. the rest of the time i basically never win unless i get the chain stab, which requires the phantom to be unvigilent enough to let me camp the host's wakeup and the host dumb enough to not roll towards me, and that's if i can get the backstab in the first place.
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  3. What is your success rate against Forest gankers?

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