Without spoilers, how difficult is the DLC?

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  3. Without spoilers, how difficult is the DLC?

User Info: Boney00

4 years ago#1
Would you recommend trying it on NG? I was going to try accessing it with my character I had been using to get the platinum who's SL 153. I'm getting killed repeatedly while I get to know the game again by the Hydra. I must have killed it on NG but not on NG+ or whatever I'm on now.
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User Info: Yuenku

4 years ago#2
Its about equal to the Lord Soul areas, like Tomb of the Giants and Izalith.
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User Info: dantedeschain13

4 years ago#3
Yeah, I would say do it on NG. I tried to do the same thing on my NG++ guy, but that wasn't going anywhere :P

User Info: CaptainLuka

4 years ago#4
The bosses are all a good challenge. They're very aggressive and can take you to nothing in no time flat if you screw up. There are a couple enemies who can absolutely destroy you and one section of the DLC in particular is very dangerous to traverse.

I hope you don't consider any of that a spoiler. Tried my hardest to be detailed without spoiling anything.
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User Info: -Crazy_Dude-

4 years ago#5
I would say the bosses are pretty difficult, not O and S difficult but not the pushovers the lords (minus 4 kings) are. The enemies are a little different but with some observation you should be fine.

User Info: Wafalafaugus

4 years ago#6
I personally found the DLC bosses to be tougher than O&S. Hell, I found them all to be the hardest bosses in the game.
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User Info: slicknick21

4 years ago#8
Those look like spoilers to me^^^

Anyway I thought the dlc was kinda lacking actually it's pretty short, but it just went on sale on psn so I say get it.

User Info: Viking_Mudcrap

4 years ago#9
Yes, sorry I just saw the no spoilers part. which was RIGHT in the topic title.

: /
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User Info: ultimatedante

4 years ago#10
One jumping attack from certain boss could kill will
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  3. Without spoilers, how difficult is the DLC?

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